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RE and Worship

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Learning Together, Rooted in God.

Jesus said 

" I am the vine and you are the branches. If you remain rooted in me, and I in you, you will bear much fruit". 

John 15 v 5

Spirited Arts Competition

Here is our first entry... well done Hannah

Please get involved in the above competition!  I am planning to send a school entry by the end of July so there's plenty of time to get creative!  Hundreds of schools from around the world will be taking part in this year's Spirited Arts competition! We welcome entries in (almost!) any artform, including:

  • Art (painting, drawing, sketching etc)
  • Poetry
  • Photography
  • Dance
  • Music
  • Drama
  • Sculpture
Winning entries will provide a good response to one of the 5 themes, and judges will be asking is it original? Is it well-crafted? And (most importantly!) is it excellent RE?

Please send entries to a.loughran@st-lawrence.lancs.sch.uk by July 10th.

The competition themes are as follows :

God’s good earth?

Are we spoiling God’s good earth? Should we be thankful for it? Can we save it in time from the threats of climate change? The beauty of the earth is celebrated in many religions, but the human spoiling of the earth is a danger and a coming crisis.

In this theme, learners are invited to explore ideas and beliefs about the natural world, human responsibility for the earth and ways of praying about climate justice. Great work will show some originality: the globe in God’s hands won’t win!


What inspired you? A song? A quote? Another person’s life? A place?

Religion offers people inspiration to live. Sometimes an inspirational life, a person’s example, a text or a piece of music crystallizes our inspiration. In this theme, you are invited to identify what inspired you from a religion – it doesn’t have to be your own faith, as inspiration tends to spill over the edges of religions.

Explain through your art and text what connects your inspiration to spiritual or religious life.

Holy Words!

What words are holy for you? Select a saying or story you really love about peace, faith, unity, prayer or some other religious theme. Incorporate your holy words into your design or art and express the value and meaning of the words you have chosen in the images and art that you make.

This theme has a close connection to the study of holy books and teaching from 2 or more different scriptures can be used, so get reading from the Torah and the Gospel, the Qur’an and the Gita, the Dhammapada or the Guru Granth Sahib. And add some words from a non-religious source of wisdom too if you like.

Where is God?

Atheists, agnostics and believers in God might all respond to this by expressing their sense of the search for God or finding God. Where’s God? In your heart, in prayer, in the temple or the universe? Or is she hiding? Is he not there at all? Looking for God, searching for him or her, matters: but how are we doing in finding God? Would you search with google or a ‘God detector’? Is God on Instagram or WhatsApp? Can God be found by prayer or by looking among the world’s suffering people?

This popular Spirited Arts & Poetry theme produces great work where pupils use ideas from religions clearly: The Jewish Psalms 42 and 43 are where it starts.

Picturing Faith (BRAND NEW Photography section)

This is an innovation for our Spirited Arts competition. Pupils are invited to select up to 4 photographs from a visit to a place of worship (or another trip connected to RE) – preferably those taken by themselves, and give a brief commentary on the pictures to say what was great and what they learned from their visits. Comments about the emotions and the purpose of the place, not just ‘labels and captions’ are best. Pupils may like to provide their commentary in the form of a poem.

We suggest they are sent in a PPT presentation (or similar). If you have another way of responding to the theme ‘Picturing Faith’ then that is fine, please do send it in!

The competition will be judged by RE Today Advisers and students, and will take place in August.  Winners will be announced in the new academic year.

There will be 5 prizes for each theme (25 in total) but the organisers may award more if they have very strong entries for some themes. Entries are split into Key Stages for judging, and we hope to have at least one winner per key stage where possible.

Prizes are typically:

  • Individual pupil winners - £20 Amazon voucher
  • Paired winners - £10 Amazon voucher each
  • Group/Class/Year/School winners – Prizes decided on a case by case basis, but are often a £50-£100 voucher or cheque for the school to choose appropriate prizes.

All schools whose pupil(s) produce winning work will also receive a voucher to spend on NATRE membership or RE Today resources/training.


Bible Podlets is a Bible study and discussion podcast for primary aged children to do with adults. Each episode has fun games/activities, an engaging Bible reading in the form of a news story and deep discussion with places to pause and talk together about the topic. There are also discussion notes for each episode so you can continue what you’ve heard at home.  You can also subscribe to the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher and TuneIn. 


/images/Bible Podlets - Discussion Notes.1.pdf

/images/Bible Podlets - Episode 2 - Discussion Notes.pdf

/images/Bible Podlets - Discussion Notes - Episode 3.pdf

/images/Bible Podlets - Discussion Notes - Episode 4.pdf


In light of school closure, please find attached a number of resources to use around the Easter week.  Here, you will find a range of activities that are fun, creative and reinforce the Easter message.  Please send your Easter work to your class teacher.

/images/Outdoor Easter activities.pdf

/images/Scavanger Hunt.pdf

/images/Easter Activities Simple Lat B RE Today.pdf

/images/Easter Garden How to Make Lat B RE Today.pptx

/images/1 5-7 RE Today and NATRE home learning Easter.pdf

/images/2 7-11 RE Today and NATRE home learning Easter Expert.pdf

/images/2 7-11 RE Today and NATRE home learning Jesus Journey.pdf

/images/2 7-11 RE Today and NATRE home learning Spirited Arts.pdf

There are also some worship resources you can enjoy  below:

/images/Of the Shelf Complete.pdf


We are having an amazing time!  Highlights include camp fire, gorge challenge, climbing wall and caving plus making lots of new friends of course! We have also enjoyed our detective work on The Case of the Empty Tomb. The children have asked some amazing questions and have shown considerable knowledge of Luke’s gospel and the Easter story. The children have worked in mixed school groups to solve problems and challenges and complete team-building activities. They have risen to every challenge and have worked well together whether they have been with St Lawrence staff or staff from other schools. We are incredibly proud of them all!  

A CPAS photographer has taken lots of photographs and these will be shared by secure link on our return to school. Mrs Goodwin managed to take a sneaky St Lawrence group photo to keep you going! 



Learning together, rooted in God, pupils at St Lawrence Church of England Primary School are easy to distinguish by the personal qualities they present. They are happy, confident, articulate children with a love of learning, who recognise and celebrate their own individuality and that of other members of our community. They are generous, kind and welcoming; they are forgiving and understand justice. With God by their side, they face the world with resilience, integrity and joy.

'It helps us to understand how other people live' children in Year 1


The school Statement of Intent is at the very heart of everything we do in school. In Religious Education lessons and in Worship, as we learn together, we are rooted in God.  All that we do conveys this message from the smallest of interactions to the hardest of challenges.  At the heart of our learning lies our Christian values – these are what make us distinct.  Children learn values for life, which have prominence throughout everything we do and are celebrated through half-termly award ceremonies.  Values such as happiness, respect, resilience and joy permeate all we do.  The teaching of Religious Education is at the heart of our curriculum; our practice is creative and we use as many other subjects as possible to bring God’s message to our children. Our links with St Lawrence Church and local community mean that events held in church and school are very well attended. This really is a school at the heart of its village.  



'We're begging to know more' Pupil Year 5

Teachers aim to try and draw out of our children four attitudes which are essential for good learning :

  • self-awareness.
  • respect for all.
  • open-mindedness.
  • appreciation and wonder

As a church school, we hope to give children the best experience of high quality Religious Education, therefore enabling each child to flourish.  We work closely with Blackburn Diocese, following their syllabus 'Questful RE'.  Here, we embrace the explicit teaching of Christian concepts and God’s big salvation story, as well as ensuring our children explore other faiths in line with teaching guidance.  

'We discuss the big story and where in the Bible the stories are from; we discuss the parables of Jesus' Megan, Year 5

A key feature of the syllabus we follow is the large number of questions included in each unit. The purpose of these questions is to give pupils opportunity to investigate, reflect, evaluate and make meaning. In doing so, they will discover more about themselves, their relationships with others, their relationship with the world around them and their relationship with God. Therefore, the teaching of RE is both a huge responsibility and a privilege that must be recognised by those who teach it.

'RE is important because it's teaching you about how to live your life' Nathanial, Year 2

All teaching is linked to God's big story.  Each class has a reflective area where the Big Story is displayed along with the key words they have encountered as they take their learning journey through school.


To achieve our aims we will :

  • Ensure that Religious Education is taught a minimum of 5% of our curriculum time; there are often times when this portion is larger showing our commitment to the subject
  • Ensure that Christianity occupies 70-80% of our curriculum time and the remaining percentage to non-Christian faiths
  • Study the aims and beliefs of five major world faiths including : Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism
  • Encourage children to give thoughtful and theologically informed accounts of Christianity as a living and diverse faith
  • Engage in meaningful dialogues with those of other faiths and none
  • Reflect critically and responsibly on their own spiritual, philosophical and ethical convictions
  • Be encouraged to ask questions such as:
    • Who am I and what does it mean to be me?
    • In what ways do/can I relate to others?
    • How/where can I encounter God?
    • How can I make a positive contribution to the world in which I live?
    • What values, attitudes, beliefs and behaviour are important to me?
    • What does it mean to have faith?
    • Who/what influences and inspires me?
  • Encourage visits to other places of worship, special visitors and access artefacts to bring learning to life throughout a child’s journey through school

 'We ask questions like 'Who is God?' and 'Why did God send Jesus?'' Daisy, Year 3


We will provide RE opportunities to all our children, regardless of gender, race, disability or ability to pay. RE may be used to develop children’s learning in any area of the curriculum, particularly for those with Special Educational Needs, including our Able and Talented children. To ensure that this is the case, some pupils may be given other mediums to record their thoughts and ideas, as well as any necessary support that is required.

'We act often in RE; we dramatise Bible stories and we sing, paint and draw to express ourselves' Sofia, Year 6



We offer a Fun with Faith club that can be accessed by pupils. This is run by our Worship and Values Committee children and overseen by the RE Co-ordinator; a member of the local church clergy also assists from time to time.  This particular club allows children to reflect, converse with others from different year groups and work on a particular area of interest as directed by our Worship and Values Committee.



  • Visits to places of faith occur bi-annually
  • Year 6 visit Blackburn Cathedral
  • Venture residential visit for some pupils in Year 4
  • Fellside schools join together to celebrate Easter at least twice during a pupils journey in school
  • Visit to our local church
  • Eucharist each half term
  • Education Sunday in school
  • Visits from people of other faiths
  • Walk Through the Bible deliver lessons on the Old and New Testament in Years 5 and 6
  • Assemblies delivered by people of interest including Fair Trade and choirs

 'We learn about people from all over the world' Tilly, Year 4


Barton has an individual policy for Religious Education as well as policies for British Values, Collective Worship, Single Equalities, Special Educational Needs and Visitors. 

We follow Blackburn Diocese syllabus of ‘Questful RE’ and are fully informed about The Statement of Entitlement.  Planning follows a pathway which is determined by outcomes for learning and which may later depending on the unit being delivered. Many of our lessons also utilise Understanding Christianity resources and ideas.  Through all these resources, the skills of the staff and having an open investigative enquiry approach, we are able to ensure progression to ensure that our children have a sense of being on a quest of discovery. 

The coordinator monitors whole school progression on a half termly basis.  The quality of teaching, work and assessment are also monitored to ensure we give the best experiences possible to our children so that by the time they leave us, they are well-rounded individuals who can break down barriers and help build communities. 

 Click here to see the Statement of Entitlement

'We learn about world problems;other beliefs and we dive deep into vocabulary' Reuben, Year 6



We recently worked together as a whole school to create our own version of God's Big Salvation Plan.  We used time at Easter to work together in mixed groups with our younger groups being led by a member of the Worship and Values Committee.  Each class represented one of God's Big ideas and in each class, we listened to key stories and combined this with creative ideas to create a whole school version of God's Big Salvation Plan.  Look carefully at each of the designs and you will be able to see which stories and elements we covered in each of the sessions.