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During the twelfth week, the children are welcome to have a go at the following; 

MATHS - Statistics - including subtraction (finding the difference)


/images/Year 2 Summer 2 Week 3 - Mar 2016.pdf

These plans are particularly useful and there is a lot more to them then first appears. Have a look at the whole plan.

Success Criteria
/images/Year 2 Summer 2 Success Criteria Wk3.pdf

This is a set of problem solving questions. Please try to work up to question 16. Once the children have had a go, I would then go through the questions and explain the answers and if they have got any wrong, explain why.

(The script is in the same document as the test)

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Phonics - Common exception words
For the final two weeks we will be looking at the Year 2 common exception words. I have lots of resources for this so please feel free to choose from any below and spread it out over the next two weeks.

Please ask your teacher to give you three or four sheets each day.



/images/T-L-5641-Common-Exception-Words-Year-2-Activity-Book (1).pdf







Education City activities