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The National Curriculum for Design Technology

Here is our current cycle for Design Technology in school (2017 - 18)

Year 1   Autumn: Mechanisms (Sliders and Levers)

                 Spring: Structures (Freestanding Structures)

                 Summer: Food (Preparing fruit and vegetables)

Year 2    Autumn: Food (Preparing fruit and vegetables)

                 Spring: Textiles (Templates and joining techniques)

                 Summer: Mechanisms (Wheels and axles)

Year 3    Autumn: Structures (shell structures including computer aided design)

                Spring: Food (Healthy and varied diet)

                Summer: Textiles(2D shape to 3D product). 

Year 4    Autumn: Food (Healthy and varied diet)

                Spring: Mechanisms (Levers and Linkages)

                Summer: Electrical Systems (Simple circuits and switches)

Children will learn the skills of investigation, organisation and planning, designing and making, observing and recording, presentation and appraising. Technology gives children the opportunity to develop problem solving skills and to find practical solutions to tasks, making use of materials, tools, structures and mechanisms. Wherever possible, Design Technology is linked to our termly topics but is also taught discretely to develop the skills needed to make a quality product.

Our DT work is usually linked to our topic and is presented as a project pack. Children research, plan, design, make and evaluate when learning and developing the key DT skills. 

During the Spring term we held a DT construction day. During the day children were taken out onto the school field, which was under development at the time, to look at construction equipment and safety on building sites. Children then looked at different mechanisms, joins and materials used in the construction industry. Years 5 & 6 children had designed and made their own model of the Eiffel Tower while Years 2, 3 & 4 constructed bridges. Reception and Year 1 children made moving vehicles. The day was great fun, take a look at some of the photographs below along with some other DT work from this year.