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During the eighth week, the children are welcome to have a go at the following; 

MATHS - Position, direction and time


These plans are particularly useful and there is a lot more to them then first appears. Have a look at the whole plan.

Success Criteria


Children can continue to access the mymaths.co.uk and educationcity.com websites to consolidate their learning.

For these tests, children should have around 35 - 40 minutes to complete it. I would then normally go through the answers with the children and show them if and where they have gone wrong. Here is the test for this week;

This is a set of problem solving questions. Please try 10 questions a week. Once they have had a go, I would then go through the questions and explain the answers and if they have got any wrong, explain why.

(The script is in the same document as the test)

It would be important for the children to keep up with their times tables. If you would like to know where they are up to, please email me.

These websites are excellent for maths games too;

Any further ideas for Maths can be accessed by following this link.

It is an excellent resource!


Reading - Online access to reading scheme books

Writing - Wind in the Willows - Classic Poems.

If children want to, they can access this website to do more writing.

Phonics - Homophones

The following website may aid with any phonics work;

Grammar - Use the word 'because' & use the suffix 'less.'

I have set SPAG work again this week - SUFFIXES (B)

Children can continue to access the educationcity.com and SPAG.com website to consolidate their learning.

Children can continue to practise their handwriting following this link;

Any further ideas for English can be accessed by following this link.

It is an excellent resource!

R.E. - Ascension and Pentecost

Our topic this half-term is 'Ascension and Pentecost'. This is the plan for the unit.

/images/Unit 2.6 - Ascension and Pentecost.docx

P.S.H.E. - Mental health

I'm including some ideas of how to help children with their mental health during the pandemic. There are a couple of documents to read first and then a couple of ideas of activities that you could try with the children.

For parents

/images/Guide for parents and carers educating children at home.pdf

/images/READ FIRST Mental Health guidance.pdf


/images/Mental Health (Year 1-2) - Home learning lesson.pptx

/images/Resource 1 worksheet - Feelings vocabulary cards.docx

TOPICS - These are the new topics that will last up to the next half-term. If you would like to see what the old topics were, then just click on the earlier week links near the top of the page.

Here are some ideas you can use for a unit on 'Living things and their habitats'. 

This website gives practical ideas that you can use for 'Living things and their habitats' too.

The unit focuses on the UK. You can follow the plan below;

If the opportunity arises and you have the facilities, children can explore the following computing activities;

The first unit is on FOOD;

The second unit is on TEXTILES;

Again, this resource is excellent for topic plans. They have resources and teaching packs for many topics.

Our music unit links in with 'Wind in the Willows'

Our focus for this half-term is net and wall games - if you have the space!!

thepehub.co.uk have created fun, healthy home activities for children and their families, free of charge, to hopefully help with the school closures. If you contact them, they will send you a link to access the resources. Please email me to let me know if you have success getting these resources or not. Thanks.

This resource pack includes plenty of resources for home learning.

A fantastic website that lists ideas for family learning. Includes mathematics, spelling, and ideas for other subjects.

A fantastic home learning pack that includes Maths, GPS, reading and other practical ideas.

Online tutorials, activities, learn screens. Includes Maths, English, spelling and other subjects.