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Children's Work

Video Prospectus

Introducing our first robot!  Meet Sparkle by Hannah...

...designed to make people smile :) 

Here's Reuben's model - I wonder what special gifts this robot may have?


/images/English Week 8.GI.pdf


Why not try Max's switched up PE activity?

/images/P.E. with Max climbing game.pptx

Never thought we'd see the day!  Well done Henry!

Amazing artwork by Jack

Sofia and her brother have been busy making an animation about Missionaries going to Ecuador in the 50's.  I think you'll agree - it's marvellous.  Well done!


Arthur keeping Busy during Lockdown!

Sofia's history project and keeping the community tidy doing a spot of litter picking.

  Jamie getting creative with grammar - playing a game over FaceTime with each other.  What a great idea!

RE Work



/images/CS RE Work.docx

/images/If God were to send a messenger today.GI.pdf



Literacy work



/images/HA Book cover_HA.jpg

/images/HA. DetectiveStory.docx

/images/CHa.detective story.docx

/images/CS English Work.docx

/images/A Mystery Occurs by GI.pdf

/images/Book cover.JD_LI.jpg

/images/Detective story.JD.docx

/images/Detective story.AH.docx

/images/Detective story.JB.docx

/images/Detective story.MH.docx

/images/Murder in the shadows.IH.docx

/images/Detective Story.OW.docx




/images/Design a seed packet.HW.jpeg

/images/Detective story.JLP.docx

/images/English Work.SS.pdf

/images/Friday English.JLP.docx

Maths Work


History Work

/images/HA. vikings.pptx

/images/Anglo saxons.IH.pptx


/images/Anglo Saxons.JG.jpg

/images/ealdorman homework.JLP.docx

Science Work

/images/Elephants science.IH.docx


Geography Work


/images/HA.Geography 2.jpg


/images/County work.JD.jpg

/images/Geog game.JD.jpg


/images/England cities. JD.jpg

/images/Geog England1.HW.jpeg



French Work

/images/French Work.SS.pdf