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W/c 29th June

Class Zoom meeting on Monday (details of time sent via email); usual arrangements for codes and passwords


When following links online, parents should monitor that children are remaining on that page only and are

keeping safe online.

/images/Year6 Wk 4 Robots (Part 2).pdf

Complete a minimum of 5 Reading Plus lessons and 5 Vocabulary lessons this week.


/images/week 4 maths 2summer 29.06.20.docx

Monday Supporting Documents :



/images/Monday rounding challenge cards.pdf

/images/Dart Board - rounding v2.com

Tuesday Supporting Documents :


/images/Add subtract 1 10 100 10001.xls

Wednesday Supporting Documents :


/images/Negative Numbers.Weds.pdf

Thursday Supporting Documents :


Friday Supporting Documents :



W/c 22nd June


When following links online, parents should monitor that children are remaining on that page only and are

keeping safe online.

/images/Year 6 Wk 3 Robots - Part One.pdf

Complete a minimum of 5 Reading Plus lessons and 5 Vocabulary lessons this week.


/images/week 3 maths 2summer 22.06.20.docx

Monday Supporting Documents :


Tuesday Supporting Documents :


/images/Adding and Subtracting fractions differentiated worksheet.Tues.pdf

Wednesday Supporting Documents :


/images/Year 6 Multiplying Fractions Jigsaw Activity Sheet.Weds.pdf

Thursday Supporting Documents :



Friday Supporting Documents :


/images/Friday.fractions.assessment task.docx

W/c 15th June


  1. Please complete at least 1 Reading Plus & 1 vocabulary lesson per day

Due to the sensitive nature of the content of the book 'Wonder', it is strongly advised that parents monitor and support the reading and watching of clips throughout this unit with ongoing discussion.

When following links online, parents should monitor that children are remaining on that page only and are keeping safe online.

2.  /images/Year 6 - Wk 2 Wonder.pdf

Day 3 :

Note: Parents may choose to watch the clips in the overview first and select key sections to watch together. The clips are not essential for the completion of the activities,  but may help with wider understanding.

Day 4 supporting documents (if not using the links on the plan):


/images/This Is Me.lyrics.docx


/images/week 2 maths 2summer 15.06.20.docx

Monday supporting documents:


Today's PowerPoint has been sent via email

Wednesday :

/images/Week 2.Weds.pptx


/images/Which Method is best.weds.pdf

Thursday :

/images/Volume Activity.Thurs.pdf

/images/time problems.thurs.pdf

/images/Shape puzzle.Thurs.xls

Friday :



W/c 8th June

Class Zoom meeting on Monday (details of time sent via email); usual arrangements for codes and passwords


Access Reading Plus and complete at least 1 daily lesson and 5 vocabulary lessons across the week.

/images/Y6 Wk 1 It's Magic!.pdf

(You will need access to the various video clips throughout the above plan).

Day 1 supporting documents :

/images/Nowhere Emporium.1.pdf

Day 2 supporting documents :

/images/When Harry Sees Diagon Alley for the First Time.docx

Day 3 supporting documents :


Day 4 supporting documents :



/images/week 1 maths 2summer 08.06.20.docx

/images/Maths Starters week 1.pptx

Monday :

/images/Reading Scales Worksheet.Monday.pdf

/images/Units of Measure - Starter cards.Monday.pdf

/images/sats reading scales capacity.main.Monday.doc

Tuesday :

/images/Main Task Questions.Tuesday.pdf

Wednesday :

/images/Volume. Wednesday.pptx

Thursday :


/images/Replaced maths file. Thursday.ppt

Friday :

/images/Friday revision.main.ppt

Other Resources & Extension Materials :

/images/Checking Understanding Questions.pdf

/images/Year 6 Measurement Solve Problems Units of Measure Maths Mastery Challenge Cards.pdf


/images/Curious Cuboids.pdf


Work for Thursday & Friday 4th / 5th June


Access activities set on My Maths


Complete 4 Reading Plus reading lessons and 2 vocabulary lessons

Complete the activity set on spag.com


Please go to the RE & Worship page and prepare an entry for the Spirited Arts competition


Details of times have been emailed

Zoom Meeting 1 Monday 18th

Zoom Meeting 2 (Repeat) Monday 18th

Quizziz (Grammar) Tuesday 19th May

Quizizz (Maths) Wednesday 20th

Quizziz (Maths) Thursday 21st May

General Overview

/images/Overview week 5 summer 18.05.20.docx


/images/week 5 maths summer 18.05.20.docx

/images/M starter.docx

/images/Timetables .Monday.xls

/images/T starter.docx


/images/T - main activity.rtf

/images/W starter.docx

/images/W main.docx

/images/Converting measures Wednesday.xls

/images/Th starter.docx

/images/Thursday averages main.rtf

/images/F starter.docx


/images/week 5 English summer 18.05.20.docx



/images/History wb 18.05.20.docx

/images/Task 2 supporting document.docx


Details of times have been emailed

Zoom Meeting 1 Monday 11th

Zoom Meeting 2 (Repeat) Monday 11th

Quizziz (Grammar) Tuesday 12th May

Quizziz (Maths) Thursday 14th May

Zoom English Breakout session Friday 15th May

General Overview

/images/Overview week 4 summer 11.05.20.docx


/images/week 4 maths summer 11.05.20.docx

/images/Monday starter.docx

/images/Tuesday starter.docx

/images/Wednesday starter.docx

/images/Thursday starter.docx

/images/Friday starter 1.docx

/images/Friday 2 starter.docx

/images/Monday fractions.pdf

/images/Tuesday compare and order.pdf

/images/Wednesday add and subtract fractions.pdf

/images/Thursday mixed addition and subtraction.pdf

/images/Extension fractions.docx

/images/chilli challenge.fractions.pdf


/images/week 4 English summer 11.05.20.docx

/images/poems to read and listen to.docx

/images/Sea paintings.docx


/images/History wb 11.05.20.docx

/images/Diary checklist.docx

General Overview for the week

/images/Overview week 3 summer 04.05.20.docx




/images/week 3 maths summer 04.05.20.docx






/images/week 3 English summer 04.05.20.docx



/images/History wb 04.05.20.docx




/images/Weds questions task.docx

/images/Weds answer match task.docx

/images/Weds.main task.docx

/images/Thurs.question cards.docx

/images/Thurs.answer cards.docx


/images/Thurs.technical drawing task.docx



/images/Overview week 2 summer 27.04.20.docx


/images/week 2 English summer 27.04.20.docx

/images/nouns or verbs Weds.pdf

/images/nouns or verbs.pdf

/images/spelling and grammar general.Fri.pdf


/images/week 2 maths summer 27.04.20.docx

/images/Number of the Week Y6 Wk2.pdf

/images/Target 100.pdf

/images/ArithmeticPaper.week 2.pdf

/images/Week 2 assessment.docx


/images/Geography week2 plan.docx

/images/North of England map.pdf

/images/Blackpool map.pdf

/images/observation flash cards.Thurs.pdf

/images/OS letter.Thurs.pdf


/images/7 - Countries flags colours (1).pptx

/images/Y6 French Booklet.week 2.pptx

Extension Activities for Monday 27th & Tuesday 28th April 

New work plans will be available Wednesday 29th and a class Zoom session to brief will take place that morning; details will be sent via email.

It is important to access any associated videos linked to the interactive tasks below.  Please note - children may pick and choose from these extension activities and do not have to complete them all.


Maths : https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/zrjx6v4



/images/properties of circles.docx

/images/circle cut outs.docx

English: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/zbngrj6

Access 2 lessons of Reading Plus

Access 1 vocabulary lesson from Reading Plus


Maths : https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/zjbk8xs


/images/Averages 5 Questions.rtf


English : https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/zhy72sg

Access 2 lessons of Reading Plus

Access 1 vocabulary lesson from Reading Plus

Week Commencing 20th April

Group Zoom sessions will start tomorrow.  Please check your emails for details.


This grid will give an overview of all tasks to be completed this week.

/images/Overview week 1 summer 20.04.20.docx



/images/French workbook.week 1.docx


/images/Practical problems 1-10.pdf


/images/Task 4.week 1.pptx


/images/task 6.weel 1a.pptx

/images/Task 7.week1.pptx


Remember to access Reading Plus each day and complete your vocabulary lessons over the week

/images/week 1 English summer 20.04.20.docx

/images/Spelling correction activities.pdf

/images/Present-Perfect Monday.pptx


/images/Miss Rumphius 1a.docx

/images/Miss Rumphius.2a.docx

/images/Miss Rumphius.3a.docx


/images/Geography week1 plan.docx

/images/Counties of England (map, questions and plenary).pptx






/images/week 1 maths summer 20.04.20.docx

/images/Mega Mix.doc

/images/Fraction Make.pdf


/images/week1 summer maths assessment.end of week.docx

Other Linked activities to this week's maths learning :


/images/Number grid generator - increasing (1).xls

/images/Place value charts and partitioning tool (3).xls

/images/simpsons fractions.pptx

W/c 30th March 2020

EASTER ACTIVITIES :  Journey Into Easter  is inspired by some stunning recently commissioned paintings from the Ethiopian artist Nebiyu Assefa


This week's plan and supporting documents can be found here :

Group Zoom meetings will begin on Monday 20th April.  Emails have been sent to inform you of time slots.

/images/week 2.docx

/images/Mystery Fiction Tablemat.pdf




Thank you for sending in some of your work.  Take a look at what your classmates have been sending...keep them coming!

We have a birthday today .... Bon anniversaire monsieur Henry ...

/images/HA bon anniversaire.jpg

Other (this work can be spread out over the coming weeks until after Easter holidays)

Science : Following on from our work on classification, choose an animal card and find out all about that animal: where it lives, which country it comes from, what kind of environment it prefers, what it eats, life cycle, how it lives – on its own, in pairs, or in packs. Write as much as you can. 

https://www.nhm.ac.uk/discover.html    Use this site to discover new species, research Carl Linnaeus 

https://www.wildscreen.org/arkive-closure/    -  Children are introduced to some of the world’s newly discovered species. Here, they will learn about classification keys and using features to identify living things. It includes two classification activities where children have to use a classification key to identify nine newly discovered amphibians and construct their own classification key for some newly discovered species by identifying their key features and differences between them.

Questions to think about or research :

What is the most unusual creature that exists on Earth?

Research a variety of unusual creatures then produce a fact file of one of your  favourite. The fact file should describe where the animal can be found, its appearance (e.g. how it moves, body shape, any special features), what environment it is found in, how it survives in its environment plus any additional ‘strange facts’.  

Search around your own environment and look for habitats. Compare this with research in a different environment e.g. desert, rainforest, ocean, seashore, woodland.

Produce a presentation using ICT about the environment the animal lives in. Find out about other animals and plants that live there and try to provide examples from different classification groups. You could include a slide explaining the work of Linnaeus and one showing how animals and plants are grouped using the standard classification system he developed.

Use the following scaffold for the presentation : 

-  Your usual creature.

-  Where in the world it can be found.

-  More about its habitat.

-  Other animals and plants found in this habitat (Try to have examples from different classification groups. How many different groups can they include?)

-  The work of Carl Linnaeus.

-  The Classification System. 


Anglo Saxons

Find out what life was like during Anglo Saxon times and build on your knowledge of how society was structured.  

Research a role of an Anglo Saxon person and produce a poster which details the class structure in Anglo Saxon times. 





Consider where Vikings came from; what they looked like; why they came to Britain and how they got here; how they lived




Find out about some of these key people :

King Alfred of Wessex (also known as King Alfred the Great)


King Athelstan

King Cnut (Canute)

Edward the Confessor

Harald Hardrada

Harold Godwinson

William of Normandy (William the Conqueror)


Find out who were the Normans and why they came to England. 

How did they fight? (weapons and battle techniques)