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Year 1 Gallery

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Welcome to the Year 1 Gallery Page.  
Here you will find all of the wonderful activities that our Year 1 children have been doing during their time at home.
If you would like to send some of your photos, you can email them to l.blackett@st-lawrence.lancs.sch.uk
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Apologies in the delay, I have trouble uploading photo's on to the web page recently. 

EW has  designed a super Robot for her story. 


HC has been super busy making an amazing structure for his teddy bear. His teddy looks very comfortable! Well done 😊


EW has been walking in the Lake District with her Mummy and Daddy, it looks like she walked a really long well. Well done 😊


WF has been super busy creating amazing fossils. He then explored his garden where they had been hidden and dug them up. That looks like lots of fun! 

TD has been busy with his Science work, here he has created a super self portrait and used super labels. Well done!


JN had great fun making a shopkeeper keyworker scarecrow:

She also enjoyed experimenting with the waterproof challenge. JN worked out that soaking water up with sponges and towels was not as effective as tin foil but cling film worked best of all. 


EW has created her super seasons wheel for Science! 

EW wanted to do her work on a big board and a desk like in school so here is her new set up 😊

Here is O B-Q’s fantastic supermarket scarecrow 😊  

Look at the fantastic policewoman scarecrow that HB has created 😊


AS has been very busy designing her two new characters and choosing where they will go on holiday.

She has also created a super aerial map of our school and created some super bunting 😊


NH has added an old style TV and remote control to his creative building. He has also done the holiday scene in Loch Morlich in Aviemore.

Look at the super scarecrow NH and his little sister created! 😊



NH has been very busy, for his structure in Design Technology he made a super chair. He created two fantastic new characters for his new story, they are Stompy the Chameleon and Fluffy the Lizard.  He also designed a bad pirate with a sword and a good character, a ninja 😊  

In Geography NH designed an eco-field with veg patches, fruit bushes & a pond.

Finally NH created an amazing scarecrow, well done 😊

HC has completed a fantastic piece of writing, look how beautiful his handwriting is. Well done 😊


EW completed a super material property treasure hunt today.

She has also been busy working hard with her Daddy to make a super child scarecrow, she thought that even though children aren’t key workers they play a huge part in the lock down effort, I completely agree 😊  

EW also visited her Nana’s garden (from a safe distance) and had her photo taken with the fantastic scarecrow that had been made to represent a bin man. Well done 😊


TD has had fun completing his super ‘Science Materials Property Bingo’, his mum said he loved this activity and had lots of fun! Well done 😊


Well done to AS, she has completed her 2’s, 5’s and 10’s on hit the button, Mr Crook will be delighted, well done 😊


As has also been busy designing her scarecrow, it looks fabulous! 


HC has been super busy created a fantastic castle out of collage materials and a pop up farm out of paper. Well done, it is very inventive 😊


EW has been busy describing the bad and the good characters from the story of ‘The Scarecrows’ Wedding’.

In DT she has also been designing and thinking about the structure she is going to be making. She has chosen a super slide to design and build. 😊

AB created a super scarecrow, look at all of the colours! 😊

HP created a fantastic scarecrow using 2D shapes, well done 😊  


FK has made a super effort with her scarecrow design from the story of the ‘Scarecrows’ Wedding’, she also drew what she thought the wedding would look like. 


DH has made a super effort with his scarecrow design from the story of the ‘Scarecrows’ Wedding’.


EM has created a fantastic tree for ‘STUCK’, he thought carefully about the items that he would want to put in the tree. EM has also been busy creating a fantastic miniature garden, I wish I was small enough to go in there 😊


O B-Q has been very busy making her lovely miniature garden. It even has a wonderful garden shed and a beautiful pond for the ducks to play in 😊


WF has been very busy on his Science hunt, he has found lots of items and has put them into the correct groups. Well done 😊  



JN has made a wonderful miniature fairy garden. I’m sure the fairies have had lots of fun playing in there 😊


EW has been busy completing her schoolwork in the super den she has been building.

She has also made a fantastic miniature fairy garden for the fairies to come and play in 😊

E McG has been busy creating Boris the bear, she also created a super thought bubble for Boris 😊


BL has been very busy making some delicious Easter cornflake cakes. They look yummy 😉


ZC has had fun over the Easter break and he has been busy with his phonics 😊

O B-Q has been very busy writing a super description of the Swamp Monster from the clip ‘Marshmallow’, look at her beautiful handwriting!


NC has been very busy over the Easter break creating a fantastic safari picture!


HC has been busy completing Joe Wicks, reading the story of Hansel and Gretel to his little brother and creating a fantastic new bad character.


JC has completed a lovely piece of handwriting all about where his new bad character lives. He has also used fantastic adjectives (wow words) 😊  


E McG has been busy creating her new bad character and beginning to write her super new story of Hansel and Gretel. Take a look at her super handwriting!


JN has been busy creating a fantastic Easter tree, well done!


NC has been working hard on her English reading activity. She enjoyed reading “Dotty and Boo cat in the stinky wood”  and then answering the questions 😊  

 AB has been very busy at home, she had a super makeover session and learnt all about the digestive system of the human body using a blender.


AS has been telling the time at home, she also created a super spooky new character for her story of Hansel and Gretel.


NH has been busy completing his maths activity, he also created a fantastic new setting for his bad character.  

EW spent time producing her house for the evil unicorn in her new story of Hansel and Gretel.   


DC had lots of fun creating and labelling not one… but two fantastic new houses for the story of Hansel and Gretel.   


BL has been busy working hard with his beautiful spellings and handwriting.


E McG has been busy creating a super new big bad character for Hansel and Gretel, she has also been watering her plants.


EM drew an amazing new bad character for the story of Hansel and Gretel accompanied with super sentences.


EW had lots of fun re-enacting the story of Hansel and Gretel using her dolls. She also did beautiful handwriting describing her new big bad character.


JN has been busy identifying the different amounts needed as part of her maths money challenge.


TD created a fantastic new bad character and wrote some super sentences.

He also spent time creating a sweetie house for Hansel and Gretel, it looks good enough to eat!