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IC has now finished his amazing Mudpuddle Farm story.

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Another fantastic story written by GH.

GH completing her Brownie badge and doing some Easter crafts.

Have at look at AA's Mudpuddle Farm story.

AA has also been exploring her family tree.

Another photo of AA's family tree.

HL busy working at home.

More of HL.

Another of HL working hard.

AC doing lots of different activities this week. Take a look at some of the photos.

EB taking part in the Joe Wicks workout.

Another photo of EB.

ET making shortbread biscuits.

ET drawing.

ET writing her Mudpuddle Farm story.

and another one of ET.

ET doing a study on Antarctica.

RP's wonderful Mudpuddle Farm story.

NW doing lots of different activities this week. Take a look at some of the photos.

ZF doing brilliantly with his weekly tests.

and doing great with his spelling tests.

and again.

EB making a rainbow in support of the NHS.

Her finished rainbow.

AA still working very hard on fractions.

AA making cakes.

More of AA.

GH doing some Science work.

and more

GH making her own soap.

GH learning French online.

GH passing her tables test.

Our first poster for our farm topic. Well done GH. It's fantastic! Take a look

AA doing some art work.

AA - Art work - PHOTO 2

AA - Art work - VIDEO

FS using his story plan to write his Mudpuddle Farm story.

The finished story.

FS painting a rainbow in support of the NHS.

ZF continuing to work hard on his spellings and tables.

LW's wonderful Mudpuddle Farm story.

and his fantastic illustration to go with it.

LW working very hard with his Maths.

LW has also been posting letters to his family.

Have a look at LW's rainbow in support of the NHS.

It is now being displayed in the paediatric waiting area in Preston Hospital.

Watch HL smash another times tables record!! - click on the W

LW busy helping out at home.

HL's wonderful Mudpuddle Farm story.

Have a look at AC building a tree house and doing lots of other exciting things.

Take a look at HL smashing another times tables. This time his 9's.

GH has been busy working hard. Here is his plan for his Old Holly Farm poster.

and his poster for Old Holly Farm.

and another picture of his poster.

GH has also been busy investigating plants in Science.

HL continuing to make superb progress with his tables.

ET completing her 8 times tables. Now onto her 9s!

Take a look at RP's amazing Sonic Farm leaflet.

HL doing a Maths test set by his Daddy. He still scored brilliantly.

ET working hard on her comprehension skills.

ET exploring how to tell the time.

ET working through her spellings.

ET baking some delicious looking cakes!

EB working at telling the time.

GH has been really creative and created an amazing video in a coding lesson. Have a look.

Here is her certificate.

GH has also been busy with beads.

Here are her finished products.

ZF scoring full marks on both his Maths tests.

ZF working through his phonics.

He has also tried really hard at telling the time.

and completed the time problems too.

NW has been working incredibly hard today.

NW working on telling the time.

and scoring full marks with his spellings.

Amazing news today as IC has had his Mudpuddle Farm story published into a book. It looks amazing!

Here he is reading it to his little brother.

GH has completed her riddle. It's fantastic!

ET working through her reasoning test.

RVH has designed her own poster to help keep people safe.

She has also been exploring her family tree.

RVH has created her own help sheet for telling the time.

and created a chart to help her with her times tables.

ET making chunk chip cookies.

Here is another.

They look delicious.

Have a look at all the things TB has been doing.

NW completing a jigsaw on the world's flags.

NW scoring full marks on his arithmetic test.

NW has also been busy working through some difficult arithmetic sums and doubling.

ZF continuing to do really well with his spellings.

and his arithmetic too - full marks again!!

NW working very hard at his Maths again.

He has worked hard with place value this week.

and bought himself a handwriting book! Have a look boys!

Have a look at what HL has been up to! It looks very exciting!! We might get to see it on Zoom on Friday!!

NL has been visiting the ducks on her walk.

NW working on his English.

NW improving his phonics skills.

AC playing on his new zip wire.

TB has drawn a wonderful Wind in the Willows picture.

Have a look at HL making a huge bread loaf.

HL continuing to amaze with his tables.

TB has made an amazing model of Toad from Wind in the Willows. 

and another photo of TB's model.

IC has been working very hard with his spellings this week.

He has completed his phonics sheets.

Have a look at his amazing work.

IC has also been working hard at place value in Maths.

He has also done a brilliant wanted poster looking for Toad in Wind in the Willows.

RVH has been busy making fairy cakes.

She took a batch to school to help keep the teachers well fed.

and even went to Royal Preston Hospital to give to the NHS staff. What a lovely gesture!

Have a look at what AC has been up to this week.

ZF scoring full marks on his reasoning test.

JD playing times tables splat in her indoor riding school.

NW zooming around on his hover cart.

JS making buns.

JS making a fruit pizza with his sister, ES.

The finished pizza!

ET has made an amazing rainbow to go up in her Grandad's house.

ET has completed her family tree.

NW doing brilliantly with his arithmetic test.

NW working hard with his phonics.

and doing really well with apostrophes.

AC with an amazing time for is 9 times tables.

ZF with a great wanted description.

LW with his wanted description.

Take a look at GH's amazing domino rally!!

ET having a go at her wanted poster.

Take a look at her finished poster - it's great!

Emily feeding her tortoise, looking at his shell and doing rubbing art in the garden.

Take a look at GH's incredible Wind in the Willows story - PART ONE



ET using plaster to make some fridge magnets.

ZF continuing to do brilliantly with his spellings.

AC passing his 7 times table recitals!

AC making his flag for VE day.

ET making her own bunting for VE day.

Her finished bunting.

AC enjoying VE day with his family.

ET doing some more artwork.

TH has a new baby sister - little Heidi!

TH out flying his kite.

TH writing a lego story.

TH baking some cookies.

Take at look at what AC has been up to this week.

Have a look at NW's super work.

ET starting to learn her 9 times tables.

ET working hard with her English.

and doing very well with her spellings.

NL has been making amazing progress with her Maths.

Well done NL! 

HS getting prepared to capture Toad!

and an amazing story from HS too - what wonderful writing!

Take a look at ET doing some coding.

LW celebrating VE day.

LW making a scarecrow for the festival.

GH's wanted poster.

Look at all the work GH has been doing.

GH's story - Part 1.

Part 2.

ET working really hard at her Maths.

Take a look at RP's amazing Wind in the Willows story.

Here is the final part.

NL having great fun with fractions and pumpkin seeds.

You can see how proud she is of herself - well done NL!

Take a look at how hard AC has been working!

AC reciting his 11 times tables - sounds like a tongue-twister!!

AC exploring plants.

and exploring the world.

AC's character description of Toad.

and Mole.

and Badger.

IC's 'Duck's Ditty' - 'Old Lego Truck'

Take a look at ET's superb drawing of a mythical creature.

AC's amazing Wind in the Willows poem - it is fantastic!!

Another one of ET's amazing drawings.

and here she is working very hard.

Here is another one of ET's brilliant drawings.

Take a look at TB's spelling and handwriting - a great improvement!

NW continues to work very hard with Maths, Phonics and his handwriting.

Look at how his handwriting is improving.

Have a look at another of ET's drawings of mythical creatures.

What an amazing Maths score from TB today!

Take a look at TB getting his very first Blue Peter badge!!

ET has started her 'Buckets and Spades' story. Well done ET.

IC has written a fantastic letter to his Uncle John with inspiration from authorfy.com. What beautiful writing!!

ET very proud of herself after receiving her certificate for taking part in Carol Vorderman's Maths lessons.

and here is her wonderful 'Buckets and Spades' story.

She has even done some illustrations to go with her story.

ET has been working very hard with her phonics.

Here she is exploring the suffixes -sion and -tion.

ET's 'Buckets and Spade' Science work.

AC has been learning to sign.

Take a look at GH's incredible 'Buckets and Spades' story - Part One

Part Two GH's story.

Take a look at AC's amazing story writing.

IC doing superbly well with his Maths.

and making excellent progress with his tables.

ET identifying local beaches and looking at details in a seaside photograph.

ET's work on suffixes.

and here she is exploring the difference between Victorian seasides and present seasides.

Take a look at GH's wonderfully descriptive seaside poem.

Here is ET's fantastic seaside poem too.

LW loving his walks with all his furry friends!