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Headteacher: Mrs Julie Goodwin | Contact Us | 01772 862664

The school is currently organised into six classes:

- Foundation Stage (Cherry Blossom Class) Mrs Rogerson

- Year 1 (Sycamore Class) - Mrs Blackett

- Year 2 (Beech Class) - Mr Crook

- Year 3 (Elm Class) - Mrs Piron

- Year 4 (Willow Class) - Mrs Irwin

- Year 5/6  (Oak Class) - Mrs Loughran

There are smaller than average groups of pupils in most of these classes and the work is set according to each child's age and ability. There are at least two adults in each class and we have an admission number of 25 pupils. Our high pupil to staff ratio helps us to give your child the very best start to their school careers.