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Tower Wood 2019

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Monday 7th October 2019 

Everyone has arrived safe and well. They all enjoyed a hearty lunch before heading off for their afternoon activities. They are all in excellent spirits, despite the rain, and are having a great time. Photographs will be uploaded tomorrow evening - watch this space! 

There have been so many success already.  The children have been engaged, cooperative, willing and challenged.  They have shown strength of character and an inner resilience that they didn't know they had.
We have been on the lake (in quite strong winds!), up mountains, in caves and up trees.  In the evening, we have enjoyed some good home cooking and a lot of laughs.  
We played an orienteering game in the dark in a team last night and this evening, split up into our year groups to play indoor games such as charades, wink murder and reflect on what we have learned so far. 

Photos are a little tricky to get on this year due to technical issues, however, we are hoping to get some on here as soon as we can...bear with us!

Wow!  It's been very, very busy.  The children have accomplished so much in the last couple of days from climbing, scrambling, lake activities and tree climbing.  The children have ALL achieved success, have been challenged in a variety of ways and done things they didn't believe they were capable of.  It's been very positive.  We had a lovely campfire in the teepee this evening  and enjoyed some camp songs and giggles.

Children have eaten well on the whole and have shown responsibility in looking after each other.  Most have passed their room inspections and some are learning quickly how to organise themselves in a  more efficient way.

We are all extremely tired and reports from today's activities are much the same in that tiredness now prevails.  The children have requested a bit of a lie in in the morning!

They are looking forward to big hugs from their families tomorrow and all school staff sympathise with the amount of washing coming your way!