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Children will be encouraged to learn through activities planned both as adult-led structured tasks and also through child-initiated play in the continuous provision. The continuous provision will change as the children’s interests become apparent to help them to access the curriculum.

This half term in Maths, the children will be extending their number skills. We will be focussing on the skills of sharing, doubling and halving and trying to use these skills to solve practical problems. Sharing will be introduced through the story of ‘Whatever Next’ and we will discuss sharing picnic food fairly and having the same number in each group. This will then be extended to halving (as sharing between 2 groups) and then halving of shapes. Doubling will then be introduced as the opposite of halving. This should help the children to see the relationship between the different mathematical operations. We will also cover clocks and money as we plan an imaginary space mission and think about when the shuttle should set off and what we need to buy to take with us. 


In Literacy this half term, the children will be extending their use of full stops, capital letters and spaces within sentences. We will introduce sequencing sentences to follow a story line or narrative. The children will re-tell the different stories we are familiar with and write an alternative ending to one of the stories. We will also continue our work on non-fiction texts from last half term with the children making their own non-fiction book about our solar system. Home reading will continue to be an important reading focus and guided reading will continue to be taught in a separate morning session. The children will continue to work on their comprehension skills and using their phonic knowledge to read and write words.


In RE this half term, we will be learning all about the Easter story and the time leading up to Easter in Jesus’ life. We will act out the stories, draw pictures of them and try to respond to them by relating the emotions of the stories to our own lives. We will also look at a variety of places that are special in various religions. We will compare the places of worship and discuss why we believe it is important to have a place to come together with people who share our religious beliefs.  

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

This half term we will be working in groups more regularly to help us to improve our group work and sharing skills. The children will be encouraged to share ideas about activities and take account of one another’s feelings. The children will be thinking about challenges and successes and talking about the things they are proud of. We will also be thinking about the things we find challenging and the things we want to achieve. Through our work on friendship we will be looking at how we can foster and grow our friendships and how to make new friends.

Physical Development

This half term we will be improving our handling skills. We will be learning to roll, throw and catch a ball and beanbag accurately. We will try to hit a target with the ball or beanbag and the aim is to be able to play a game of hot potato with our friends before the end of the half term. The children will also be concentrating on the effects exercise has on their body during PE sessions. As many of the children can now use a pencil to form letters, we will begin to concentrate on the correct ways of forming these letters, making our writing neater and we will spend more time focusing on keeping our writing on lines. We will be working on increasing our independence in dressing for PE and getting snacks and drinks.

Communication and Language

This half term we will be trying to improve our communication skills through daily “wow picture” moments; each day the children will be shown an amazing picture from space. They will be encouraged to talk about the things they can see in the picture or imagine from the picture. This image will be on the smart board throughout the day to stimulate imaginary play and questioning. At the end of the day we will discuss the picture and any questions the children have about it. The children will be encouraged to think of questions they have about the picture to discuss with the class during these sessions.

Expressive Arts and Design

This half term we will be extending our skills in materials and design. We will be making aliens in a variety of ways using a range of materials and techniques. The children will be composing their own space music to go with a video stimulus and moving around to the music representing a number of different situations. We will be focusing on the planets in our solar system and their different features. The children will work together to make the different planets from the solar system thinking about textures and colours. The children will also be designing and making their own junk model space shuttles.

Understanding the World

This half term we will be investigating the different planets in our solar system. We will focus on the various names and environments of the planets and find out some of the interesting features that make them unique. The children will also be investigating water (which makes Earth unique) through a series of experiments into floating and sinking. We will be testing which objects float or sink and if there are any similarities between these objects and what they are made from. We will then try to design our own space shuttles to float on the water. In ICT we will be using our computer skills to find information about space and looking at the NASA app on the iPads.