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In maths this half term, we will be continuing our work on addition and subtraction. The children will be using counters and objects to help them to find the answer to different calculations. We will attempt to record our answers using numbers. We will then move on to using pictures and numbers to represent our mathematical ideas and answering questions such as “Which is the most popular dinosaur in the class?” In our number recognition work, some children will be moving on to recognising and ordering numbers over 20 while others focus on the teen numbers.  


In Literacy this half term, the children will be starting to form their own sentences to write and trying to include spaces, capital letters and full stops. We will continue to encourage the children to read and write words using their phonic knowledge. The children will still have a daily phonics session in which they will be taught the phase 2 or 3 graphemes and phonemes along with some tricky words. The children will be encouraged to use this new phonic knowledge in their writing. We will be reading a range of dinosaur stories as well as a number of non-fiction books about dinosaurs. The children will be writing their own non-fiction page about a dinosaur at the end of the topic to go into a class book. We will continue to send home reading response activities to go alongside the home reading book your child receives each week.


In RE this half term we will be thinking about the stories that Jesus heard. We will be talking about our own experiences of stories and how they make us feel. The children will hear a selection of Old Testament stories and we will discuss which values the stories teach us about and how we could try to follow the message from each of the stories. We will then move on to stories Jesus told and look at a selection of stories from the New Testament. We will begin to make connections between the Bible stories and our own lives.

 Personal, Social and Emotional Development

As the children have now settled into school nicely, we will move on from our direct teaching of the routines of the school and class room. This half term the children will be exploring the ways other people’s actions can make us feel and how to be sensitive to the feelings of others. Through circle time activities and discussion about stories, the children will be trying to talk about fair and unfair situations and how we can make sure that everyone feels valued in our class. We will also discuss the different ways our bodies feel when we feel different emotions and how best to express our feelings.

Physical Development

This half term we will be investigating the ways in which dinosaurs moved. We will be trying to move like the dinosaurs and imitate the different speeds at which they travelled. We will discuss each other’s work and have a go at improving our own work based on the suggestions of others. The children will also be working on letter formation and fine motor skills. As part of our discussion of the diets of dinosaurs, we will discuss what a healthy diet means and what the dinosaurs should do to ensure they stay fit and healthy. We will then look at a healthy diet for a human and have a go at making a healthy meal.

Communication and Language

This half term we will be developing our listening and attention skills along with our understanding. We will be playing games such as ‘Simon says’ and using the verbal signals to know what actions we need to do. The children will also be encouraged to speak in front of one another to explain their thinking and understanding. At the end of the half term the children will be presenting their own ideas about dinosaurs through their ICT project on an animated dinosaur of their own design.

Expressive Arts and Design

We will be revolving our music unit this half term around our topic of dinosaurs. The children will learn a variety of dinosaur songs while investigating the pulse, tempo, beat and pitch of the music. The children will be encouraged to use different instruments to play along with the songs and investigate the sounds these instruments can make. In our art sessions, we will be making a variety of dinosaur pictures using different textures and materials. This will culminate in the children designing their own dinosaur and choosing how to cover their dinosaur’s body to show the texture of its skin.

Understanding the World

We will be investigating the different world the dinosaurs lived in and how the features of that environment differ from our own. The children will be thinking about dinosaur habitat and designing a den for a dinosaur to live in. We will be listening to experts on dinosaur fossils and talking about how these fossils can show us the information we need about dinosaurs. In ICT, the children will be designing a dinosaur on the computer and then animating that dinosaur using a simple app to allow them to speak as the dinosaur and tell us a fact about itself. The children will also be encouraged to role play being a palaeontologist who finds dinosaur skeletons and fossils.

Children will be encouraged to learn through activities planned both as adult-led structured tasks and also through child-initiated play in the continuous provision. The continuous provision will change as the children’s interests become apparent to help them to access the curriculum.