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Tower Wood 2017

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Tower Wood 2017

Well - it's very wet that's for sure!  However, the children's spirits have not been dampened and we have all found ourselves running around learning how to map read and orienteer.  

We arrived to a hot lunch of homemade soup and bread followed by a very indulgent cake.  Once we had sorted out our kits and been given some safety instructions, we were placed in our groups and set about the task of learning how to determine positions within the ground.  Children then competed against each other in an individual orienteering task.  I have to say that the children were pretty wet by the end and a suggestion of bringing out various shower gels wasn't a bad one!

Our plans have had to change this evening; the wet weather has beaten us!  Instead, we have chosen to play board games, colour and read before our hot chocolate and cookie.

Tomorrow, we will see what the weather brings!


The children have been absolutely brilliant! They settled really well last night and had a good sleep ready for an early start this morning. After a hearty breakfast we all got rugged up in warm clothing and waterproofs and went out to meet the day. The weather has been very kind to us with no rain today at all. 

Today's activities included: mountain biking, kayaking, a walk to Humphrey Head and ghyll scrambling. The activities and fresh air have meant that we have had massive appetites - the children are eating loads! The centre staff canít believe how much food we are getting through! 

This evening we have been outdoors until light stopped play and are now having some free time indoors before supper. We are hoping to get out on the lake tomorrow. 

Unfortunately the internet is so slow tonight that we are unable to upload any photos. We will try to get some on the website tomorrow, even if it means sending them back with Mr and Mrs Goodwin when they come to visit tomorrow afternoon. 


A slower morning!  The children had a cooked breakfast again.  They are learning the skills of tidying and clearing so please use them when they get back!  

The groups separated today.  Two groups went ghyll scrambling as two teams with two different challenges.  A bit of a late start for both of these groups for 2 very different reasons, but no doubt the children will fill you in upon their return!  In the afternoon,  one group braced the lake sailing and the other group challenged themselves on the sky pole.  There was lots of encouragement and some surprises as children went whippet-style up the skypole!

The other group did an obstacle course and the skypole in the morning and in the afternoon went sailing.

It's been wet today and the children, I don't think, have even noticed!  They've eaten copious amounts of food -seconds, thirds so please stock your cupboards for their return!

Some comments over the dinner table have been really positive.  They're having a whale of a time and are disappointed that the week is passing so quickly.


We have some tired bunnies on our hands.  But apart from the staff, the children are doing well!  On a serious note, the children are very tired now and probably looking forward to a rest over the weekend.  They have all eaten well and starting the day with such a big breakfast sets them up beautifully for the day ahead.

All groups have been involved in a variety of activities today such as the sky pole, sailing, Cathedral Quarry, Humphrey Head and canoe rafting.  The children have challenged and even surprised themselves on occasions.

This evening, we are starting to pack and after we have found our stray items, we will be heading off to our camp fire with marshmallows.

We hope you're looking forward to receiving some rather smelly children back tomorrow with a pile of rancid washing!