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We are very proud of the work we do in class. We would like to share some of it with you here. If you would like to see more of the work your child has done in school then you could pop in to look at their Learning Journey File or log on to their Earwig account to see more. 

We used cubes to measure how tall and how long various objects were. We even took a stick of 5 cubes around the classroom and tried to find things that were longer, shorter, and the same length as our stick of cubes. 

We made giant letters and numbers from the dough. This was tricky because first we had to roll the dough into sausage shapes before trying to make the shape of each letter and number. 

We collected interesting things in bags. We wrote down the names of the items we had collected so that the other children could see what was in our collection.

We learnt about capacity in a lesson on baking. We carefully measured cups of cornflakes into the bowl and spoonfuls of chocolate before mixing them together. 

We counted carefully to put the legs onto Incy Wincy Spider. We even had a go at writing down how many legs he had each time.