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Year 3 (Mrs Pilling)

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Welcome to Year 3

Our Class Teacher is Mrs Pilling and our Teaching Assistant is Mr Ponde

Year 3 Curriculum Overview

Any problems or queries, please contact me directly by emailing:

Please prioritise SPELLINGS, READING PLUS AND TIMES TABLES if you are struggling for time or unable to complete all the work set.

Please read the following information to help with the use of Reading Plus


1) Please access your next lesson on Reading Plus. You should be aiming for 80% on each lesson. Please use the re-read to ensure that you hit this benchmark.
2) L.O. To notice any words used for effect and begin to explain why the author has used those words
Please choose a book to read from:
Use the 'levels' then 'book band' filters to choose a book appropriate for the level of your child. This can be the same book as last week if you are still reading it!
Now make a 'word bank' of interesting or unusual words that the author has used. Perhaps they are words that have been used for effect e.g. gloomy, words that make you feel a certain way e.g. delighted, or words that you don't know the meaning of. 

1) L.O. To learn the next 5 words from your individual spelling list
Please learn the next 5 words on your list that has been sent home. 
Note any unusual spelling patterns.
Use the 'quickwrite' technique to help you. The children will be familiar with this from school.
- The children should have access to the words in front of them.
- How many times can they copy out each word correctly in 1 minute?

1) L.O. To use fronted adverbials correctly (focus on adverbs)
Fronted adverbials are words or phrases at the start of a sentence that add information to the verb / action in the main clause. They are always followed by a comma. We have been working very hard on these at school!
For example: Without warning, the monster jumped out from under the bed and terrified the little girl.
- Write a list of as many adverbs as you can think of, e.g. menacingly. Look around you to help. Describe HOW things are happening. For example, look at the clock and think how it is ticking (quietly / slowly etc.)
If you need more ideas, the handwriting sheets for this week (below) focus on adverbs. Feel free to use these words! They also help with spelling changes.
- Now turn these adverbs into sentences with a fronted adverbial plus the correct punctuation. E.g. Quietly, the hands on the clock ticked. / Frantically, the rabbit hopped into the bushes away from the excited dog.

1) L.O. To learn the times tables that you are currently working on
Please test your child on the times tables that they have been learning. BRONZE: 25 seconds to chant (up to the 12th multiple, e.g. 1 two is two, 2 twos are four ...). SILVER: 35 seconds to score 20/20 on https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/hit-the-button    multiplication (please hit the button for the child to speed them up!). GOLD: 45 seconds to score 20/20 on https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/hit-the-button   division (please hit the button for your child). 
If your child passes, please feel free to start completing the next level. If not, please continue to practise the same times tables this week.
If you are on the mixed times tables, please continue to test yourself on a regular basis using education city.
2)L.O. To turn shapes clockwise / anti-clockwise in quarter turns
- Go through these PowerPoint slides as revision
Choose from the activities below:
https://nrich.maths.org/5560 Go through this problem. You might want to visit the 'Getting Started' tab on the left hand side before you begin (easier)
If you have a printer, you could complete this cutting and sticking activity:
/images/au-n-603-animals-turning-clockwise-and-anticlockwise-activity-sheets.pdf (harder)
Some problem solving activities involving position, direction, turning:
/images/problems.docx (hardest)
/images/tyurning shape questions MA.docx

Please complete these when you have chance this week. Notice the spellings of the adverbs that you may have used in your writing this week.
/images/Handwriting Practice - Cursive ly.pdf
/images/Handwriting Practice - Cursive ly le.pdf
/images/Handwriting Practice - Cursive ly change y to i.pdf


Reading plus (DAILY LESSONS you will need your username and password for this)

Year 3/4 spellings

Online access to reading scheme books

Take part in a writing masterclass

Improve your handwriting

Free English units, including plans and resources to work through

SPaG activities (passwords on the front of your homework folder)

Practise number bonds and times tables

Tell the time

Lots of maths resources from the Lancashire Maths team

Plenty of maths games

Free Maths plan for multiplication and division, including resources and teaching packs

Free online tutorials and activities (you will need to use your password on the front of your homework folder to access this site)

Home Learning Packs
This resource pack includes plenty of resources for home learning

A fantastic website that lists ideas for family learning. Includes mathematics, spelling, and ideas for other subjects

A fantastic home learning pack that includes Maths, GPS, reading and other practical ideas

Online tutorials, activities, learn screens. Inlcudes Maths, English, spelling and other subjects

Free lessons through interactive learning links for Maths, English, Topic. Split into days for easy timetabling.

Computing - coding

Free science plans, resources and teaching packs

Free topic pack (The Romans in Britain). Includes plans, resources and teaching packs for history, science, art, DT, drama