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Tower Wood 2015

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We've arrived safe and sound and let me say - the first impressions of the year 6's is fantastic!  Rooms have been ordered and set out ready for the days ahead.

We had a lovely cooked lunch including soup, sandwiches and cream scones.

After lunch, we made our way to the lake where we were split into our 3 groups for a team challenge.  The challenge was to build a raft that could support everyone and then sail to the opposite side of Lake Windermere.  We were all successful (if a little slow!) and there were smiles on all the children's faces. 




Our next challenge was to get all the people from one side of the raft to the other side successfully - and without going in the water.  Aliyah provided us all with much entertainment as she slowly slithered into the lake - not helped at all by her teammates who were too preoccupied laughing at her predicament!

 This evening, we are just about to have a hot tea and a game outside before a scrub and hopefully some sleep!



I'm not really sure what happened this morning!  I had to more than wake them up this morning as we had snoring galore -even after I'd woken them!  Clearly, they were extremely tired even after only a day!

Children were very organised this morning for breakfast. The boys' faces lit up when they were presented with bacon!

Today, one of our groups ventured off-site mountain biking to a quarry where there were some spectacular sights.  The children were taught how to mountain bike ride and had several challenges which most accepted - although these were not always completed!  But it's the trying that matters. During caving, we experienced pitch black and learned about some of the history of quarry mining in the Victorian times. 




The other groups spent time either canoeing with a partner or kayaking on the lake - a total of 4 miles!  Their arms will ache tomorrow!  Children worked both together and individually so that they could steer their canoe, turn 360 degrees and navigate past items.


Tree climbing proved successful too, with all children completing the tasks set for them.  Some of the words that the children have used to described their day include : challenging, fun, interesting, and tiring!


 This evening, we have a hot meal of mince and vegetables followed by apple crumble and custard.  The children are filling their boots!


Another eventful day!  We had another hearty breakfast this morning before splitting into our three groups for the day.  One group headed out to Cathedral Quarry this morning where they saw the remains of an old working slate mine.  Another group headed off for a coastal scramble to Humphrey Head and the last group climbed Side Pike in Littledale (look it up on a map - it's a massive climb!).


In the afternoon, groups changed activities.  Some of the children went on the lake to sail joined by Mr and Mrs Goodwin and by all accounts this was very successful.  Another group went to Cathedral Quarry to explore the slate mine - they even had a pitch black challenge!  The last group went ghyll scrambling.



This evening, we have just had cheese quiche, chips and vegetables for tea followed by strawberry cheesecake (apparently Oliver's favourite!).  We plan to play an outdoor game for a short time before the children have booked the TV to watch The Great British Bake Off.


Sorry for the late blog!  Pretty chaotic here as you can probably imagine!  Children are currently trying to pack their  cases - if I'd have realised, I'd have set them that as a challenge for this afternoon instead!

Once again, we had a lovely hot breakfast. All children have eaten really well this week.  Hopefully, they won't return home expecting a cooked breakfast every morning.

Today, two groups joined together for a sailing challenge on the lake.  They learned how to put together an opi boat complete with daggerboard, rudder and sail and they had to work hard in pairs to sail in the right direction.  The weather wasn't particularly pleasant for us, however, the children showed great spirit and didn't let it get in their way.  Interestingly, it became apparent that Julia is now so proficient with her English that she has forgotten some Spanish words!  Result!


The other group went tree climbing this morning.  In this activity, the children worked closely with one another to support, encourage and challenge themselves to get to the highest possible level.  They then took a very large sail boat across the lake to have  a campfire lunch and toast marshmallows.

In the afternoon, the 2 groups from the lake went to Humphrey Head to scramble and work their way through some remarkably tiny gaps!  I'm not quite sure how they each managed the task to be honest!  Every credit to them!

No word of a lie!.....

The remaining group took kayaks out onto the lake and worked in their own kayaks to complete small tasks.  They even had to swap kayaks whilst in the lake!  They were buzzing about this when they came back.


This evening, we will be making a fire in the tepee.  We will toast marshmallows on the fire, sing songs, tell jokes and recount the highs of the last few days.


In the morning, we will hopefully be orienteering (with a twist!) and  - if we can fit it in before our hot lunch -  some team building games.