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The Seaside

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The Seaside


This half term the children will look at the unit ‘Stories from other Cultures’. The children will read a range of stories such as ‘We all went on safari’, ‘Hidden Hippo’, ‘Bringing the rain to Kapiti Plain’ and ‘Handa’s surprise’. We will look at favourite characters and compare two stories looking at similarities and differences. The children will choose one of the stories to act out and use the main event as well as their own ideas for role play.  The children will be able to retell the story of Handa’s surprise using a beginning, middle and end.  We will move on to creating our own new characters and choosing a new ending to the story of Handa’s surprise. We will add our new characters and ending to a story map before writing our innovated stories.

Finally we will move onto our final poetry unit ‘Poems on a theme’ this will link to our Seaside theme. The children will hear, read and respond to a selection of poems about the beach. The children will explore writing simple patterned poems on a theme and progress to creating their own patterned text.


Children will begin the half term covering Addition and Subtraction statistics where we will revisit our number bonds to 20 and adding and subtracting one digit and two digit numbers to 20. We will also be solving simple one step problems involving addition and subtraction using objects, pictorial representations and missing number problems. We will revisit fractions including whole, halves and quarters of a shape, object or quantities, before moving on to position, direction and time.   The children will focus on half, quarter and three quarter turns and revisit time by telling the time to the hour and half past the hour. The children will draw the hands on the clocks to show these times.

We will move on to Multiplication and Division solving one step problems before moving on to measurement. We will once again revisit measuring length and weight using standard and non-standard measuring units (m, cm, Kg, g) we will also focus on the vocabulary (long, short, double, half, heavy, light).

Finally we will move on to sorting, the children will recognise and create repeating patterns with objects, numbers and shapes.  We will also revisit odd and even numbers.

Science – Animals including humans.

This half term we will be looking at the unit ‘Animals including humans’. The children will identify and name a variety of common animals as well as classifying fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals. The children will compare and describe the structure of a variety of common animals. The children will learn all about carnivores, herbivores and omnivores and sort animals into these groups.

Finally the children will identify and describe the habitats in which different animals live.  

History – Seaside holidays in the past

This half term the children will think about when they have holidays and identify the three main holiday periods (Christmas, summer and Easter). The children will look at holidays from when their parents and grandparents were young and discuss life back then.  We will learn about Blackpool Seaside 100 years ago and compare it to Blackpool Seaside today. The children will research using a variety of historical sources what life was like in the past for those people who went on holiday.  Finally the children will look at souvenirs from the past and reflect on what they tell us about Seaside holidays in the past. 


The children will explore the concept of Christianity being a worldwide faith as well as looking at the early Christians and the spread of Christianity.  We will look at stories of missionaries and Christian artwork. We will also experience ‘Multi-Cultural’ week in school, the children will have the opportunity to learn about other religions, participate in exciting Indian art work and finally to visit a local Mosque. The children will finish the half term focusing on Baptism. The children will explore the concept of belonging and joining, they will hear the story of Jesus being baptised by John. The children will be encouraged to understand that people can be baptised at any age, they will be encouraged to visit the Church, looking at the Font and then re-enact the Baptism service. Finally we will look at the Non-Christian Faith; Islam, Hindu and Sikh and explore how a baby is welcomed into the world and the Religious Ceremonies that take place.  


This half term we will be exploring ‘Reflect, rewind and Replay’. The children will have the opportunity to explore; pulse (steady beat), rhythm (long and short sounds), pitch (high and low sounds), tempo (fast and slow), dynamics (loud and quiet), timbre (the character of the sound), texture (layers of sound) and structure – how the sections are ordered. The children will listen and appraise, take part in musical activities and finally perform.   


This half term we will be continuing with Athletics. The children will explore running including running, walking, sprinting, starting from different positions and running over obstacles. Jumping including different take-offs and landings, jumping from height and exploring different body shapes in the air. Finally Throwing including push throws, two and one handed pull throws, one handed rolling a ball and one handed fling throws.


This half term the children will be continuing to explore how to; understand what algorithms are; how they are implemented as programs on digital devices; and that programs execute by following precise and unambiguous instructions. Create and debug simple programs and use logical reasoning to predict the behaviour of simple programs.

Art – Printing

This half term the children will be exploring printing.  They will have the opportunity to use a variety of materials such as cork, bubble wrap, sponge etc. The children will use printing techniques and look at the artist Frank Stella creating mono-print pictures in the style of his work.  The children will explore pattern and shapes and design their own patterns to use on a printed piece of fabric.