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The most incredible, magical, dazzling thing just happened. I went outside. I walked to the step. I could see the golden light shining on my face. It was like I was getting a tan. Secondly I gazed around having a look at all of the wonderful nature. I started to think it was all a dream or my eyes were weary. Meanwhile I went slowly to the wooden, bumpy, bulky step. I was going to search for humans just to be sure.  Then I jumped down onto the rock hard concrete. I scattered to the wonderful butterfly and they were cute with two antennas. All that green nature with the brown scared owl. Also the chilly breeze was on my silky face. Next the light blue sky and the flowers with the blossom fell from the trees. I felt so joyful and my happiness was coming through my veins so quickly. Also the crickets and ants were so cool. Eventually I walked across to the colossal bush. At that moment I saw the golden light.