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With nerves dashing all around me, I slowly walked towards the oak panelled door. Then I slowly peaked around the old door. I then saw a ginormous garden right before me. Then I walked in to the most magnificent garden for the first time in my entire life. It was totally life changing. I felt like I was in heaven or my eyes were just playing tricks on me. It was amazing. It felt so good to feel the summer breeze on my gentle skin and to feel the lovely warm sun on me too. I dont know why Mum and Dad have not let me come outside before. It is not like the stupid cat is going to eat me is it? I said to myself. Suddenly this enormous beautiful butterfly fluttered past me with wings as yellow as you could imagine. Then I heard the lovely tweeting of the birds feeding their young and an owl hooting there little song. Then I saw a golden light shining in the distance so I slowly walked towards it.