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I was so excited as I tiptoed towards the oak panelled door. I was wondering what beauty or horrific things could be through the door way. With adrenalin of excitement rushing through me, I started charging towards the door. The closer I got, the more curious I got and the more curious I got, the faster I ran. Finally I got to the step and looked around at my golden treasure. Then I saw a beautiful butterfly twitching its long antennas with its golden wings shining in the bright crisp sun. Then I spotted a blackbird singing to its little ones. Also I could feel the breeze blowing against me, so I carefully sat down and immediately jumped off the edge of the step to my dream come true. I was in paradise - in seventh heaven. When I started wandering around, I felt the grass touching me. Also I could hear the owls hooting in the beautiful fresh trees with the leaves and branches waving about in the breeze. When Id seen all this, it made me want to go further into the garden. Finally I got so far I could see a gloomy old bench leaning against the rickety black fence. Then alongside it was the most fantastic plant Ive ever seen. It was so colourful it was untrue. Suddenly I spotted a brightly coloured golden light. It was amazing.