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I felt as if I was about to burst with excitement, as I slowly crept to a big, metal door. All my life I’ve been hopelessly begging Mum and Dad to let me have a bit of fun outdoors, and now my adventure is just beginning. My heart was racing, as I gazed out at the wonderful view of the dreaded Harpsichords beautiful back garden. Once I was staring at the wonders of the outside world, it was like I was in a deep trance. It was so amazing, so I clumsily sat myself down to make myself comfortable, but it was mainly to stop myself accidentally falling over. When I finally got my senses back, I joyfully smiled to myself then cautiously jumped down onto the hard, gravel covered floor. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me, but they obviously weren’t. Gentle birds were happily cheeping above my head, and big-eyed owls were merrily hooting random tunes, whilst they gracefully sat on long branches all around me. There was a perfectly clear blue sky, with the dazzling sun shining right in the middle of it. A multi-coloured, elegant butterfly zoomed across the sky right in-front of me, then did a little swirl in the refreshing air, then quickly flew off to its home habitat. I calmly breathed in the wonderful fresh air I now have access to, then gladly sighed at how clean it was. Then, curiously, I peered at all the amazing , colourful flowers lighting up the whole, amazing garden. The flowers smelled magical, like little fairies had cast a wonderful spell on them, but then I got distracted by the sight of tiny crickets cheekily hiding in the long grass, mainly under little bits of soft, easily broken bark. So I watched where I was standing, just in case I accidentally stood on one. My heart was racing because I was nervous in case someone came out and ferociously stood on me and my father. In the distance, I could see a new-looking wooden bench, and I was wondering if I could courageously climb up its polished leg. All the amazing trees were gently swaying with the cool wind, and so was I, plus I was so overwhelmed by this new discovery I was sure I was never going to leave. I was so happy with myself that I’d easily found a big part of my life, somewhere I’d be happy all the time. Suddenly, I spotted a golden light under a tall tree but couldn’t figure out what the mysterious object was….