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I carefully strolled towards the oak panelled door to go on guard but then I realised why dad sent me to the wooden door. It was the way outside so I can explore further. With excitement racing through my body, I joyfully stepped up onto the wooden step. Now I could have the best view ever. I didnít have to look through a cage window. I could hear a gorgeous sound. I think it was a wise owl. Why havenít I done this sooner instead of being stranded inside my tiny borrower size home? Now I could do what I want. It felt like I was in my own wonderful dream. Finally I could inhale fresh air and smell alive and awake roses. This was the best feeling of my life. I felt so relieved that I was able to get here. Everywhere I looked there was soft grass and gorgeous flowers. There was even a comfortable chair to sit on. It was nothing like I could ever have imagined it would be. I elegantly placed my miniscule self on the wooden step to balance myself from the amazement. I thankfully looked around and felt like I was in heaven. Wanting to explore more, I swiftly leaped down onto the smooth grass. Next I quickly scanned the garden again because I just couldnít get enough of it. The sky was as navy blue as the ocean; the sun was like a light-house shining around the sea. I crouched down just to see what the mysterious light was. I carefully strolled a bit closer, bent down, but I couldnít see any more than a golden spot.