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We love the outdoors!

In Cherry Blossom Class we love to go outside and learn in all weathers. Here are some of the wonderful activities we have done outside so farů

Looking closely for minibeasts in the planters. We looked for insects under the rocks and slate chippings. We then carefully put them back in their original place so as not to disturb their habitat. 


Making recipes in the mud kitchen. We used sand, mud, bark and herbs to make different foods. We even tried to write our recipes down.

Designing and making homes for the three little pigs. We made design sheets first, drawing the shapes carefully, and then used the building materials to make the different structures.

We have had a police station in our garden too. We have been dressing up as police officers and catching baddies. We have even made wanted posters to put up around school to help us to catch them.

Making a fire engine from the large construction. We thought about it having more wheels than a car might have because it would be bigger. We even added pipes to spray the water from.