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Vocabulary, grammar and punctuation - Year 4

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Detail of content introduced at Year 4


  • The grammatical difference between plural and possessive - s
  • Standard English forms for verb inflections instead of local spoken forms (eg. we were instead of we was, or I did instead of I done)


  • Noun phrases expanded by the addition of modifying adjectives, nouns and preposition phrases (eg. the teacher expanded to: the strict maths teacher with curly hair)
  • Fronted adverbials (eg. Later that day, I heard the bad news)


  • Use of paragraphs to organise ideas around a theme
  • Appropriate choice of pronoun or noun within and across sentences to aid cohesion and avoid repetition


  • Use of inverted commas and other punctuation to indicate direct speech (eg. a comma after the reporting clause; end punctuation within inverted commas: The conductor shouted, "Sit down!"
  • Apostrophes to mark plural possession (eg. the girl's name, the girls' names)
  • Use of commas after fronted adverbials


  • determiner
  • pronoun, possessive pronoun
  • adverbial

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