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Book Club

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Mrs. Piron runs our book club. We have read Annie. This clubs runs every Thursday lunch time.


"I like book club because you get to read a book that you might never pick up in a shop," Libby C (Year 5)


"It's a good opportunity to have some quiet time reading a book," Sam (year 5)


"I didn't do it last year, but I'm enjoying it.  I didn't expect it to be this good," Ashleigh (Year 6)



Our current book club (October 2014)


"The book is such a good choice that I wanted to read on to the end!" Oliver B (Year 5)


"At home, I'm a bookworm, so I'm glad I get a new book to read," Libby J (Year 5)


"I like that it's different to playing out at lunch time - I enjoy some quiet time," Ella (Year 4)

Previous book clubs  have been :

  • Jason and the Argonauts
  • The Hobbit 

Previous Club :

Some of our Key Stage 2 children have been reading The Hobbit each week at Book Club.  Children volunteer to read parts and parts are ready by the teacher.  We talk and share our ideas about the characters, plot and what we think may happen.  On Wednesday 30th January, we went to the Odeon to have a private viewing of the newly-released film so that we can compare and contrast the book with the film.

Here are some of the thoughts of the children who take part:

" The club is helping me realise that between reading the book and watching the film this makes me understand the plots and characters a little bit more" Lottie (Year 5)

"I know that sometimes things change between the book and the film; they leave things out of the film that are in the book.  I wouldn't normally choose a book like this to read, but I'm really enjoying it" Faye (Year 5)

The next step in our book club, is to complete reading the novel, then the children will pair up to produce a PowerPoint contrasting the book with the film.