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Reading for Enjoyment Across School

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Enjoying Reading

Children are actively encouraged to read for enjoyment.  In school, we encourage children to bring in books from home or the local library.  We also encourage reading by introducing a class book or novel in each year group.  Please click on the overview to see the books that will be read over the course of the year.


School also has a system in place for children to recommend a good read to others.  Younger children are helped by their buddies who can transcribe a simple form for them to be involved in this. 

We make time for reading at every opportunity.  Paired reading, shared reading and reading buddies are all active in our school. You might even spot a teacher with a book at lunchtime!

We have our local mobile library visiting school every month and children bring in their library cards, hop onto the bus and choose from a selection of books right on their doorstep!