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Here are some pictures of our classroom. We have lots of fun areas to access in our continuous provision. Which ones do you enjoy working in the most?


Our Story Corner: we have books relating to our topic,
comfy seats, puppets, reading buddies and tricky words in this area.

Our ICT Area: we always have computers
available in this area. We enhance the area using
voice recorders, cameras, computer programs
and the internet.
Our Role Play Area: at the moment this is set out as
a house. We change the theme in this area to suit our
topic each half term and add a new challenge to the
area each week.
Our Small World and Construction Area: these
areas are grouped together so the creations
the children construct can then be played with
using the small world creatures. The
enhancement in this area is changed as the
children decide on their new ideas.
Our Snack Table: the children have free access to
fruit and milk or water throughout the day. They sign
their name on a piece of paper to show they have had
their fruit. We see this as a very social time for the
children to interact.
Our Malleable Area: here we have play dough,
pincer tweezers, threading and other activities
to help the children develop their fine motor skills.

Our Writing Area: we have a range of writing tools
and paper for the children to work with here. They can
choose their own template sheet if they would like to
use one or they can write on plain or lined paper.