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Special Educational Needs

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Special Educational Needs

Our school provides a broad and balanced curriculum for all children, which is differentiated to meet individual childrenís needs and abilities. Children may have SEN (a Special Educational Need) throughout, or at any time during their school career. Parents consent is always sought prior to a child being placed on the SEN Register. 

SEN Support Plans (previously IEP's) are sent out each term for parents to see the specific targets that their child will be working on.  We ensure staff are deployed carefully throughout the week so that the child receives regular, daily sessions delivered by a skilled member of staff.

Our SEN policy can be found in the Administrator section of our website. 


SEND Information Report

Who to Contact if You Have a Complaint, Concern or Query About a Child With a Special Need or Disability

The first contact for parents will always be the childís class teacher unless the incident is deemed as serious, in which case this should be escalated to the Headteacher or Deputy Headteacher . The school operates an open door policy. Parents are welcome to talk to staff at an appropriate time but longer conversations will need an appointment.

Communication between school and home

Visits to the school by prospective parents are warmly welcomed. Please contact the school office to make an appointment so that you can be sure of our undivided attention. 

An induction meeting for new parents is held in Summer Term

Parents' Evenings are held each term. This gives parents the opportunity to meet with the teacher and discuss progress. However, if you have a concern, please do not wait for a Parents' Evening to bring it to our attention! We believe that any problems, no matter how small they may seem, are best dealt with ASAP. Depending on the nature of the problem, please contact either your child's class teacher, the school SENCO (Mrs Loughran) or the Headteacher (Mrs Goodwin) 

Reports - Interim reports are sent out at Christmas and Easter. In July, children receive their annual full report. 

Individual Education Plans (IEPís) are sent home at the beginning of each term alongside any evaluated IEPís from the previous term. 

Parents receive a text message when a child has met a target from their IEP and the next steps are shared via an annotated IEP. We believe that success should be shared and celebrated immediately.


What is a complaint? A concern or complaint will be investigated if it is an expression of dissatisfaction about: the conduct/operation of the school, the conduct, actions or lack of action by a member of staff, the Governing Body or an individual governor, an unacceptable delay in dealing with a matter, the unreasonable treatment of a pupil or other person 

How do I make a complaint? A concern or complaint should be made in person, by telephone or in writing to the Headteacher at the School. If the complaint is about the Headteacher or a Governor it should be referred to the Chair of Governors of the school. A complaint made to a Governor, Local Authority Officer or Councillor, the Education Department at County Hall or to a local Area Education Office will be referred to the Headteacher or Chair of Governors, as appropriate, for investigation. Anonymous complaints cannot be dealt with unless they are about very serious matters. 

How are complaints investigated? The aim of the Complaints Procedure is to resolve the matter as speedily as possible. First the Headteacher will try to establish the facts and respond to your complaint. Most matters can usually be dealt with in this way. If this does not resolve the matter to your satisfaction, there is a further formal stage. You will be asked to put your complaint in writing and a further investigation will be undertaken by the Headteacher. In the case of a complaint about the Headteacher, or a Governor the matter will be dealt with by the Chair of Governors. 

What if I am still not satisfied? You can appeal to a special Committee of the Governing Body of the school. You may, if you wish, have the opportunity to attend and put your case to the Committee. The Committee will inform you of their final decision. 

Feedback - Parents can offer feedback in a variety of ways : parent questionnaires, email or verbally.  Parents and children with a Statement or Education Health Care Plan are asked to forward their views in writing for annual reviews. You can also offer feedback on the Parent View website