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Prayer Space

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Each classroom has a prayer space area.  The children are encouraged to interact with this area and may choose a moment in the day to reflect and show their interaction by moving a pebble or small cross as a symbol of their inner thoughts.  We have class prayer books which are used each day as well as a half termly Christian Value thought box.  

The class Christian Value box holds observations that the children make during the school day as evidence of how they have seen that value in action.  At the end of the half term, these observations are collected and each class nominates one person per class to receive the Christian Value Award; this is presented at the end of the half term during a family worship.

Outdoor Prayer / Quiet Space

Other Ideas we have used :

Children were introduced to a reflection space. Teachers had set up a prayer space in the hall which consisted of several gazebos with stunning lighting, sensory materials, beanbags and space for 'time out' to consider the bigger questions in life.

Comments from the children as they entered the space for the first time included, 'Wow!', 'This is amazing!' to 'Epic!'.  Children from each class have spent time in the prayer space and have taken part in a variety of activities to get them thinking about the world around them and themselves.