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Spring (1) 2014

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Our Literacy this half term will begin with a focus on film narrative.  Children will watch The Croods to initially develop a storyboard of a selected scene.  They will then capture and import key images into a presentation program. Children will write their own version of this scene, and will transfer it into a multimodal presentation including images, voice-over, soundtrack and written text.  As well as this, children will also focus on newspaper recounts.  Here, they will use knowledge from science to create a piece of writing that explains the ideas of evolution.  Continuing from last half term, we will continue to encourage the identification and use of higher level connectives and also the use of the comma, semi colon and dash will be focused on.  Children will take part in a BIG write to revise other genres at least twice this half term.  Guided Read will be once a week and spelling groups will continue as usual.



Children will begin to work with translations, transformations and enlargements and use specific language to explain their thinking. Children will explore circles in greater detail as they begin to name parts of the circle including radius, diameter and circumference and know that the diameter is twice the radius. There will be a concentrated focus on division as the children secure methods of chunking or short division, including decimals.  All  4 number operations within context will be revised.  We will pay particular attention to word problems this half term; this includes identifying the operations needed and different strategies to solve these questions. We will revise basic facts such as decimals, percentages and fractions as well as multiplying numbers mentally including decimals.



This subject will dominate our topic as children recognise how things have changed over time and how fossils provide information about living things that inhabited the Earth millions of years ago.  They will appreciate the variation in offspring over time and that this can make animals more or less able to survive in particular environments. Pupils will also find out about the work of palaeontologists such as Mary Anning and about how Charles Darwin  developed his ideas on evolution. They will explore some of the fossils left over time and will become a real-life palaeontologist!



In ICT, children will begin to build a short evolution animation using Pivot Animator.  This stick figure animator can assist children in creating individual frames of action and then view them in a sequence to ultimately create an animated story of evolution.



Children will explore the life of Charles Darwin and his ideas of evolution. Linked closely to science, children will consider how controversial Darwin was to our understanding of evolution as well as how his theories came to prominence.  We will explore his life, and how he came to prominence.



During this half term, children will study the Book of Daniel.  They will be able to retell details of the story of Daniel and link parts of the story with Christian beliefs about God.  They will be able to describe how Daniels faith impacts on his life and how his story is inspirational. Children will then have the opportunity to discuss questions of identity and belonging and express their opinion about the choices made by Biblical characters.


Children will explore prehistoric cave paintings.  In particular, children will explore the debates surrounding why cave paintings existed and the styles of drawing to create the pictures.  We will explore famous caves in Lascaux, France and Altamira, Spain to consider how the drawings were made and which materials may have been used to create these paintings.  As a class, we will create a cave wall mural.



Children will match sentences to pictures and identify the verb in these sentences.  They will watch a video or webcam of daily life and make a puppet conversation with a partner.  They will choose words to complete gaps in a text and make sentences using words written on cut up cards.  Children will create sentences from given words and punctuation.



Children will continue to swim as part of their PE.  They will also begin gymnastics this half term.  We will learn some basic shapes on and off pieces of equipment to create different levels.  Children will work with a partner and on their own to create a sequence with linking movements and which contains a selection of jumps, balances and travels.




Children will begin to learn how to play a recorder.  They will learn and play notes from a given piece of music and begin to compose their own tune. Children will perform by ear from simple notations and maintain their own part with awareness of how other parts fit together.  They will begin to improvise repeated patterns and combine several layers of sound with awareness of the combined effect.