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Autumn (1) 2013

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                                                                     THE WARS OF THE ROSES



Our Literacy this half term will begin with a focus on information texts where children will begin to use information from the history and geography of the War of the Roses to create their own text.  They will consider how to communicate key events as well as how to organise the information.  They will also explore word origins through exploring historical texts and will translate this into modern day language.  In DT, children will also focus on instructional writing by creating a clear set of instructions for a board game. This half term, the use of higher level connectives and the use of the comma will be focused on.  Children will take part in a BIG write to revise other genres at least twice this half term.  Guided Read will be once a week and spelling groups will continue as usual.


Children will secure place value up to seven digits and three decimal places.  Children will order, round and partition numbers using place value to determine smaller and larger numbers.  Quick recall of times tables to 12x12 and associated division facts and the use of approximations.  Children will state inequalities using <> symbols and will calculate differences between positive and negative integers.  Children will calculate mentally addition and subtraction of 2 digit numbers as well as mentally with integers and decimals.   The use of the calculator will be included in mathematical lessons.  Children will explore draw shapes with increasing accuracy.




During this half term, children will explore ideas about God.  They will consider what words they might use for God and the nature and character of God.  This will have a brief link into the Islam and the 99 names given to Allah.  We will read and discuss Old Testament stories as well as exploring how Christian beliefs are reflected in worship.  Children will create a graffiti wall using Wassily Kadinsky as inspiration.


This half term, the children will be exploring gases.  They will recognise that air is a material and also recognise that liquids evaporate to form gases and that gases change shape and flow from place to place.  They will measure liquids accurately and recognise when measurements needs repeating.  They will provide explanations for what they observe.



In ICT, children will create an interactive map of 15th Century England.  They will use a map of England as a base, and create interactive counties, in jigsaw format, from the map using hyperlinks. Children will research each county to find out their main industries. They will have the option of producing a jigsaw of their final work at the end of the half term.



Children will learn of the history that led up to the War of the Roses.  They will appreciate society in the mid-15th Century and study King Richard III and Henry Tudor.  We will explore the places in England where their battles were fought and trace their journeys towards the eventual Tudor reign. Children will also begin to explore all the counties within England.  They will play games to learn and locate counties and research what industries or landmarks they are known for. 




Children will resume with swimming this term as part of their PE.  They will also play invasion games where they will perform skills with accuracy, confidence and control.  They will secure the difference between attacking skills and defending skills and respond consistently in the games they play, choosing and using skills which meet the needs of the situation.



Children will design a board game in a small group.  They will consider a range of board games they may use already, and the appeal of these to the user.  They will use group ideas to create a board game to increase the userís knowledge of counties within the UK.  The end product will be used in our end of term topic celebration.



Children will read the date in French aloud and learn by heart and perform a short poem and song in French.  From this, they will be able to identify rhyming words.  Children will understand greetings and make a sock puppet to encourage spoken language with correct accents.



Children will invent symbols to represent percussion sounds and discuss different starting points which inspire composition.




We will discuss relationships this half term.  Children will discuss what constitutes a good relationship and how to resolve relationship problems. We will use newspaper articles to trigger discussion eg. second marriages, fostering, extended families etc.


Our Christian Value this half term is Respect.

TOPIC HOOK :  Children will work in groups to design a geography board game for other children to play

CELEBRATION : Game afternoon; a chance to try out each otherís games.  Adults are welcome!