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Spring (2) 2013

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The Christian Values for this half-term are ‘Self control and patience’.


RE will be taught within Holy Week.  Activities have been planned to make the most of this opportunity and children will take part in ‘messy Church’ activities as well as design their own Easter garden.  In classroom activities, children will have the opportunity to stand back and consider ‘Who was Jesus?’  ‘Who is Jesus?’.  Copies of Isaiah 9:6-7 and Philippians 2:6-11 will be given to the children in order for them to use these passages of scripture to answer the question, ‘who was Jesus?’.  We will write poetry and create a photograph album of Jesus’ life. 


Vive la France!


TOPIC HOOK :  Beginning their 3d Parisian structure




Our Literacy this half term will begin with a focus on one of the greatest novels of all time, ‘les Miserables’ by Victor Hugo.  The narrative will be addressed through a comic strip where children will focus on narrative aspects such as dialogue, time connectives, character feelings and vocabulary.  This will be linked in to an overview of French history in the early 19th Century.  Children will explore and apply a variety of sentence structures as they begin to transfer the comic into a narrative story.  Grammar focus this half term will be nouns, adjectives and verbs as well as some more advanced aspects such as separating main clauses from subordinate clauses and the correct use of inverted commas and punctuation.  Guided reading groups will change again this half term.  Children will focus on non-fiction books.


Children will look at the geography of France including the terrain, the mix of rural, urban and tourist areas as well as contrasting these to similar UK resorts.  We will focus on the areas of Digne and Montreuil-sur-Mer that feature in Les Miserables. 


Children will explore the song, ‘Castles on a Cloud’.  They will sing the melody, score the notes and work with a small group to replicate the song, adding to the ambience of the piece of music.


We will cover some of the issues in France at the time when Les Miserables was set to ensure the children have a better understanding of the story.  We will touch on the lead up to the French Revolution and cover the main aspects underlying the Revolution.


In French, children will learn the names of foods and beverages as well as how to order in a restaurant.  They will be able to say what they like and dislike.  As a celebration at the end of the topic, we will be having a French Cafç which will be linked to Maths and Enterprise.  Children will set prices in Euros for items and order them in French.




Children will complete in small groups a 3d structure of a Parisian landmark.  They will secure joins, proportion and triangulation to ensure the structure is stable.  They will determine the finish of their structure by choosing a suitable medium such as paint with texture. 




The children will revise the properties of shape (2d and 3d).  They will learn to rotate shapes about a point and translate them in a 4 quadrant grid.  Children will revise co-ordinates to be able to do this effectively.  They will also be able to reflect a shape in another quadrant and identify the new coordinates.  Probability will be explored and children will become more confident with chance in order to apply this to real-life problems.  We will also cover reading and interpreting graphs such as line graphs, pie charts, tally charts and bar charts.  Children will also explore converting between different currencies (Euro). In mental maths, children will continue to focus on times tables, fractions, decimals and percentages as well as problem solving skills.


This half term, the children will consolidate knowledge of materials which are electrical conductors, extending their understanding of ways in which the brightness of bulbs or speed of motors in a circuit can be changed. We will build on developing children’s understanding of the value of using conventional symbols for communication.



By the end of this half-term, the children will have made their own Easter computer game.  Children will input a series of instructions to enable them to set up their own game and customise it.  We will invite children from other classes to come and play these games and to give feedback to the game maker. 



This half-term, children will focus on net and wall games.  In tennis sessions, they will develop consistency of forehand and backhand shots as well as understanding the basic principles of attack and how to use this in a game.  They will evaluate performances and explain what needs improving.  Children will continue swimming for the final time this year


In PSHE, children will look at healthy lifestyles.  They will recognise that different people and different cultures have different lifestyles as well as understanding that they have a responsibility for their own health and wellbeing. 


Learning in Olive Class is about real life.  There's nothing better than children learning through a concept that they can relate to and that is real for them.  'Learning is fun!'.