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Dear Parent,

Welcome to Barton St Lawrence Primary School! My name is Tracey Ellis and my son Oliver attends Barton School. He commenced his schooling at another primary school and joined Barton towards the end of Year 1. Moving schools can be a stressful event for all involved and so I hope that sharing my experience will be useful for you.

My experience of joining St Lawrence’s has been a very positive one. My son settled into his new class very quickly and has made lots of new friends. Within a couple of weeks it felt like he had always been at this school. We found the staff to be very welcoming and supportive which resulted in a seamless transition between schools.

Oliver also attends the breakfast and “stay and play” clubs. They are small but growing clubs where the children can have breakfast or an afternoon snack. They provide a range of activities and given the choice Oliver would choose to attend every day! The communication between the club and school staff is excellent. In fact the communication at the school in general is very good thanks to frequent letters, newsletters (available electronically) and reminder texts.

Since joining, Oliver’s development has been incredible. Academically his progress has been significant and his growth in confidence has been fantastic. I am very aware of how he is progressing thanks to the regular reports and parents evenings and I also have a good insight into how to help his development at home.

I like the fact that the teachers have a real presence at the beginning and at the end of the day and are happy to be approached at any time. School opens at 8:45 where the children play outside until classes start. This is a great time to meet some of the parents on the playground. I found everyone really friendly but wanted to get to know everyone better so I decided to join the PTFA, which is a group of friends, who do a fantastic job raising money for the school. I would recommend this to all new parents as anybody can get involved and help out as much or as little as you want to and some of these parents have had children at the school for many years and are a great source of information.

In addition, the school website is maintained well and kept up to date with relevant information and up and coming events. You will have probably been provided with a lot of information about the school and I hope that this insight into my experience will support that and help alleviate any concerns you may have.

I hope you find your experience of Barton as positive as I have. It would be great to see you at PTFA and other school events in the future.

Best Wishes

Tracey Ellis