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Autumn 1 2012

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Our topic this half term is Coast.  We began our topic making clay fish to stick on our coastal board.  The children really enjoyed this and have made some very proportionate and vivid sea creatures! 

We have discussed in great details, the effects of coastal erosion and the children have debated how we can protect our coastlines.  In Literacy, children explored arguments and were able to build a persuasive article about the use of effective sea barriers along the coastline.

We have also studied maps in detail, ensuring the children understand scales and symbols.  These skills came in handy, as we began to focus on an Ordinance Survey map around the Overton area.  Looking at the coastal area around Overton, the children began by predicting what they may see on a walk around the area, using the clues from the map.  In pairs, the children have planned their own walk across the causeway at Sunderland Point.

Using PAINT.net, the children replicated in precise detail a small section of the map around Sunderland Point.  These pictures were then imported into a PowerPoint document, where the children made use of hyperlinks and action buttons. 

Our learning didn't stop there!  We embarked on a very adventurous walk planned by the children, crossing the causeway before watching the tide coming in.  We visited Sambo's Grave and along the way, the children took photographs ready to import into their PowerPoint presentations.

It has been a very busy half term, but we have thoroughly enjoyed learning about Coasts!