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Mission Statement and Aims

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Our mission statement and values are deeply Christian and reflect the Church of England’s ‘Vision for Education’ with the promise by Jesus of ‘life in all its fullness’ (John 10:10) at its heart. 

At St Lawrence CE Primary School, we believe that children learn best in a secure and happy environment, where they feel valued, trusted and confident in their own ability.

We also believe that children should be challenged with a range of learning experiences so that they develop to the maximum of their potential and enjoy learning to the full through the promotion of enthusiasm and curiosity.

Mission Statement

"A family founded on Christian values working and worshipping together,

sending out happy, confident children achieving their full potential."


  • We aim to provide our children with a broad, creative curriculum taught within Christian values.
  • We aim to educate children in a learning environment that is safe, friendly and secure.
  • We recognise the crucial role of parents and regard them as partners in the education of their children and aim to provide mutually supportive conditions of home/school links.
  • We aim to promote and develop in the children an awareness of the needs of others and an understanding of right and wrong.
  • We aim to provide opportunities for children to direct their own learning and make choices, which encourage independence and a sense of responsibility.
  • We aim to prepare the children for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life through good relationships with the church, community and industry
  • We aim to affirm pupil's own cultural heritage and develop a respect and understanding of British Values and cultures other then their own.

Christian Values

Each term the school follows a new school value. These are displayed in the school hall and the weekly newsletter to parents and are followed closely by all. These values are at the very core of our Christian belief and are the 'rules' we live our lives by:

Christian Values  Cycle A

Autumn 1 - Respect

Autumn 2 - Friendship& reconciliation

Spring 1 - Truth& Trust

Spring 2 - Self Control & Patience

Summer 1 -  Love& forgiveness

Summer 2 -  Hope

Christian Values Cycle B 

Autumn 1 - Perseverance

Autumn 2 - Compassion

Spring 1  - Courage

Spring 2 - Wisdom

Summer 1 - Faith

Summer 2 - Justice  

 Christian Values Cycle C (CURRENT YEAR)

Autumn 1 - Responsibility

Autumn 2 - Creativity

Spring 1 -  Respect & Reverence

Spring 2 - Justice

Summer 1 - Humility

Summer 2 -  Thankfulness