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Year 4 (Mrs. Piron)

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Welcome to Year 4

Our Class Teacher is Mrs Piron. Our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Hindle

Year 4 Topics

Autumn 1 - Sparks Might Fly

Autumn 2 - The Great Plague

Spring 1 - The Art of Food

Spring 2 - Passport to Europe

Summer 1 - Water, Water Everywhere

Any Old Bronze or Iron?

During the second half of the Spring Term our topic in Willow class is the continuation of The Stone Age leading into the Bronze and Iron Ages. The curriculum will include the following:


The children will continue their narrative Stig of the Dump which will include further drama work and will culminate in the children writing their own additional chapter to the book. Following this, we will use some of the texts by Emily Gravett to base our persuasive letters upon. The children will study different forms of persuasive writing through advertising on tv and through the use of leaflets and magazines. In our grammar sessions we will focus upon adverbs of time and we will begin to review the use of inverted commas for direct speech. Children will continue to learn the different spelling rules in class and we will begin by revisiting the apostrophe for contraction. We will then look at the prefixes ‘auto’ and ‘super’ and then move on to practising further homophones. Children will continue to learn and practise words from the statutory spelling list for year 3 and Year 4. Guided Reading activities continue each day with each group participating in at least one Guided Read session per week.


Children will begin this half term by continuing their exploration of division so that they will be able to use a more formal written method in order to divide 2 or 3 digits by a single digit. They will then practise solving various problems involving the addition and subtraction of money and the giving of change using both pounds and pence. Through the interpretation of data presented on bar charts, pictograms and tables, the children will solve one and two step problems in their statistics work. Children will then develop their measuring and comparing skills during measurement sessions. We will measure length, mass and capacity during these lessons. At the start of each lesson, the children will continue to practise their x tables.


Children will continue their topic on the Stone Age. After studying the different eras of the Stone Age-The study of the main era we will be covering- the Mesolithic- will be taught through hands-on sessions involving the use of images and video clips from the Star Carr site in Yorkshire. This part of the topic will conclude by asking ‘Was there anything better than stone?’ The children will then look at the Bronze and Iron Ages. We will compare the different ages and the uses of resources. The children will also have the opportunity to find out more about the Bronze Age circle in Bleasdale.


Children will focus upon the use of charcoal and chalk in order to produce their own prehistoric cave paintings. 


During this half term, children will study the unit relating to Easter. We will discuss and explore ‘the sadness and joy of Easter’. The children will study these emotions through the aid of various art works as well as using modern day situations where suitable.


In ICT, children will review how to use technology safely, respectfully and responsibly. Children will be learning how to research online safely. We will begin to look at how search engines work and discover different ones too ( we will use those suitable for children). Children will begin to understand that the internet contains fact, fiction and opinions. We will review the RESPECT acronym and focus upon at least one element of this each lesson.


The children will be preparing for their performance at Blackburn cathedral in March and will be focusing upon their singing during these sessions.