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Nursery Ofsted Report

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OSFTED is a regulator where the care of children and young people is concerned. In brief, they monitor, observe, report on and provide reccommendations for educational settings.

This is a small comment made in the report which highlights our communication with parents;

"Partnership with parents is outstanding. Parents are kept fully aware of operational practice through policy information, prominent notices, newsletters and one-to-one updates. Parents know who their child's key person is and are able to discuss progress daily and convey information about children's daily activities, routines, interests and development. They use the 'wow sheets' effectively to share the interests their children have at home with the staff and say that the staff grasp every opportunity to latch onto the interests their children have to enhance their learning. Parents are extremely supportive of the staff and the service that they receive. They express their views through questionnaires and inform the inspector that 'it is a fantastic nursery and the staff demonstrate an excellent understanding of children and their development'. They report that the log book between different settings is very effective and that 'the children are confident, settled and very happy."

We are extremely happy that our children's parents think so highly of the nursery, and we will continue to keep these important relationships strong and well founded to ensure the fantastic development of the children.

Please click below to read and download the full report for our most recent nursery OFSTED visit.

 Nursery OFSTED report June 2011